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Heart. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream heart. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

heart 45
Meaning of the dream: Protection valid and safe

heart labored 61
Description: reasonableness and consistency

heart animal 28
Interpretation of the dream: to curb impulsiveness

good heart 35

loving heart 55

silver heart 11
Meaning: dangerous risks

stab in the heart 65

heart of gold 64
Interpretation: objective judgment

Heart arid 74

sincere heart 32

little heart 4
Meaning of the dream: unexpected gains

cramp in the heart 56
Description: anger and resentment

heart operation 34
Interpretation of the dream: success of intent

human heart 71
Translation: monotonous work

palpitation of the heart 75
Dream description: death next

affair of the heart 10

heartbeat 55
Translation of the dream: hidden love

faint of heart 73

Goodness of heart 24
Sense of the dream: wealth

heartbroken 19

learn any poetry by heart 6
Meaning of the dream: vain illusions

heartless 53
Description: inattention dangerous

despond 38
Interpretation of the dream: great nervous force

heart surgeon 33
Translation: soon you solve the problems that are afflicting

having heartache 16
Dream description: heartbreak

die of a heart attack 50

tachycardia, heartbeat 86
Translation of the dream: don't be afraid to face important situations

Darling 88
Interpretation: you ll have to deal with rude people

queen of hearts 18
Sense of the dream: conflicts sentimental

irregular heartbeat 41
What does it mean: exhibitionism exaggerated

learn by heart 21
Meaning of the dream: anger and pain

brother hurt 24

cardiopath 50
Interpretation of the dream: you feel stressed

cardiologist 78
Translation: fondness

ventricle 13

burning hearth 38

heartbreak 33
Translation of the dream: desires achievable

touching feces 27
Interpretation: become rich

touching breasts 53
Sense of the dream: emotional sensitivity

core walnut 10
What does it mean: lasting bonds

embolism 38

touching scene 18
Description: repairable error

king of hearts 25
Interpretation of the dream: lust for life

cored cabbage 9
Translation: disillusionment and pain

cored apple 2
Dream description: exciting adventure

middle finger 34

acute hearing 56
Translation of the dream: inventiveness

decoration 5
Interpretation: heritage countered

funeral decorations 66
Sense of the dream: harmony

Wedding decoration 77
What does it mean: venal love

Festive decorations 80
Meaning of the dream: ill health

ill upset 35
Description: pleasant situations

woman upset 60
Interpretation of the dream: speculation wrong

Man upset 19
Translation: successful deal

see halberd 36
Dream description: resentments unnecessary

break halberd 6
Meaning: failure in business

bring halberd 18
Translation of the dream: sorrows passengers

sharpen halberd 38
Interpretation: security

alcohol, hard liquor 78
Sense of the dream: dangerous neglect

hear alarm 14
What does it mean: protection from family

ease the conscience 88
Meaning of the dream: help needed

cheer sad people 60
Description: happy new possibilities

ambition fulfilled 38
Interpretation of the dream: momentary failures

frustrated ambition 64
Translation: next fortune

unbridled ambition 20
Dream description: necessary clarifications