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Hearing tune it. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream hearing tune it. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

out of tune 31

singer out of tune 37
Description: excessive worry

sing out of tune 5
Interpretation of the dream: waste of money

guitar out of tune 16
Translation: benefits passengers

tune piano 2
Dream description: occasional activities

tune a violin 25

tune a guitar 11

ask the hearing 29
Interpretation: uncertain situation

acute hearing 56
Sense of the dream: inventiveness

solicit hearing 24
What does it mean: peaceful relations

court hearing 44
Meaning of the dream: career advancement

grant hearing 30
Description: excellent inspiration

deny hearing 85
Interpretation of the dream: doubts and jealousy

hearing sovereign 52
Translation: improvements

hearing good 30
Dream description: try to understand something

hearing bad 43
Meaning: all you will stay dark

hearing aid 85

implore hearing 68

body organs, smell or hearing 6
Sense of the dream: relatives of prosperity, wealth and personal power, honor all growing

court hearing in court 60
What does it mean: economic achievements

killing by misfortune 14
Meaning of the dream: happiness contrasted

captain of fortune 26
Description: unjust slander

companion in misfortune 64
Interpretation of the dream: honest work

squandering a fortune 30
Translation: defeats and disappointments

misfortune 17
Dream description: Fears passengers

misfortune deadly 36
Meaning: unexpected proposal

misfortune at work 25
Translation of the dream: to avoid disputes

avoid misfortune 17
Interpretation: discouragement to overcome

inherit a fortune 42
Sense of the dream: sorrows and anxieties

commanding fortune 30
What does it mean: waiting

opportune time 38
Meaning of the dream: enviable economic security

see sheep shearing 68
Description: personal affirmation

tell misfortunes 61
Interpretation of the dream: advantageous conclusion of a deal

wheel of Fortune 90
Translation: inevitable change

17 - Smorfia classic: misfortune 17

shearing with scissors 28
Meaning: projects to materialize

fortune 7
Translation of the dream: enthusiasms and projects

soldier of fortune 13
Interpretation: strength of character

predict a fortune 20
Sense of the dream: love of short duration

make a fortune predicting 38
What does it mean: issues to be resolved

bandage fortune 90

seek their fortune 43
Description: goals not too far away

desire for fortune 1

shearing in hand 80

shearing back 40

shearing the finger 70

shearing the chest 36

adverse fortune 49

Neptune 30

fortuneteller 59
What does it mean: period not very easy