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Heard father talking on the phone. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream heard father talking on the phone. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

talk by phone 54
Meaning of the dream: confusion of ideas

to call on the phone 87
Description: new calls to accept

answer the phone 59
Interpretation of the dream: tough business

phone 41
Translation: a little happy news overshadow the joy of the moment, but then everything will

subscribe to phone 33
Dream description: pride and pride

hear the phone ring 8
Meaning: projects to be concluded

neglecting father 24
Translation of the dream: risky business

cell phone 44
Interpretation: concerns for the future

Cordless Phone 89
Sense of the dream: Earnings unstable

father dead 45
What does it mean: vitality and well-being

arrival of the father 46
Meaning of the dream: that problem is solved

call the father 54
Description: positions of responsibility

resemble the father 68
Interpretation of the dream: large caps

report to the father 68
Translation: momentary embarrassment

phone recharge 78
Dream description: projects to be concluded

kissing father 9
Meaning: next change

lynched by his father 65
Translation of the dream: success in love

pray to the Father 33
Interpretation: request for help to problem

heard chanting 87
Sense of the dream: useful meetings

represent the father 88
What does it mean: brilliant statement

caring for his father 11
Meaning of the dream: diligence in work

phone bill 18
Description: business that are successful

converse with his father 83
Interpretation of the dream: personal satisfaction

coin phone 48
Translation: do not listen to bad news that you will be reported

Contact your father 31
Dream description: decisions to make

phone ringtone 72
Meaning: lack of affection

bad father 22
Translation of the dream: physical endurance

sick father 19
Interpretation: fortitude

blind father 24
Sense of the dream: disillusionment of love

father screaming 43
What does it mean: quarrels in the house

consent of the father 62
Meaning of the dream: abrupt change

honor father 38
Description: providential help

go with his father 90
Interpretation of the dream: Fears passengers

nursing father 45
Translation: consolation

father healthy 54
Dream description: protection and support

father scolding 63
Meaning: regret late

embrace the father 38
Translation of the dream: intentions essays

replace the father 8
Interpretation: unforeseen expenses

beg the father 19
Sense of the dream: secret aspirations

abandoned by his father 23
What does it mean: willingness tenacious

father who assists 30
Meaning of the dream: happy omen

inherit from his father 22
Description: infidelity to a friend

kill the father 13
Interpretation of the dream: sacrifices for the elderly

congratulate the father 88
Translation: economic prosperity

search for the father 50
Dream description: fortitude

resort to Father 48
Meaning: secret aspirations

defend the father 90
Translation of the dream: ties happy

avert the father 6
Interpretation: timidity and indecision

bump in the father 31
Sense of the dream: great sensitivity

sleeping with his father 23
What does it mean: excessive dynamism

avenge his father 21
Meaning of the dream: lack of understanding

bow to the father 70
Description: you are subject to paternal authority