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Having to do with older people. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream having to do with older people. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

having to do with older people 58
Meaning of the dream: luck if men if gripe women

converse with old people 63
Description: discouragement to overcome

marry again with elderly 61
Interpretation of the dream: difficult relationship

hide people 30
Translation: unnecessary controversy

asylum for elderly 86
Dream description: obstacles in the profession

buckboard with people 6
Meaning: try to be more sociable

see bearded people 45
Translation of the dream: anger to deal nuanced

employ older 54
Interpretation: dispute over inheritance

coupling of people 36
Sense of the dream: exuberance

amount of people 35
What does it mean: Reports inconstant

gathering of people 83
Meaning of the dream: challenges to overcome

dinghy with people 44
Description: fortune and notoriety

carriage with people 78
Interpretation of the dream: brilliant location

group of people 11
Translation: fallacious illusions

gondola with people 90
Dream description: ties in danger

veranda with people 46
Meaning: ties in danger

vestibule with people 54
Translation of the dream: social success

massacre of people 50
Interpretation: resentments to be removed immediately

accommodate people 46
Sense of the dream: sad moments that pass quickly

influential people 62
What does it mean: do not feel that confidence in the love that you had before

appearance of elderly 80
Meaning of the dream: easy money

poison people 49
Description: contradictions

assassinating people 17
Interpretation of the dream: You are able to give some continuity to your business

Trooping of the many people 4
Translation: You receive an important visit

crowded place of people 4
Dream description: many business views

grouping of people 90
Meaning: passionate character

dodge people 48
Translation of the dream: awards

see people with matted hair 52
Interpretation: good omen in business

appease restless people 69
Sense of the dream: contrasts choirs neighbors

defend people 11
What does it mean: activities discontinuous

meeting of people 55
Meaning of the dream: tranquility of mind

landing of people 81
Description: feelings uncertain

warehouse with people 28
Interpretation of the dream: prosperity and well-being

square with people 30
Translation: melancholy to overcome

Women bedridden elderly 12
Dream description: fear of not being understood

encourage group of people against other 45
Meaning: you will be called to testify

mutiny of people 82
Translation of the dream: great disappointments

variety of people 30
Interpretation: pretentious attitudes

protect elderly 90
Sense of the dream: sudden loss

villa with people 80
What does it mean: proposals to sift

car with people 78
Meaning of the dream: brilliant location

murmur of people 40
Description: Secret Thoughts

room with people 32
Interpretation of the dream: new initiatives

Alignment of people 50
Translation: limited economic possibilities

come out of people 29
Dream description: success in love

list of people 45
Meaning: missed connections

lift with people 46
Translation of the dream: advantageous accommodation

boat with people 3
Interpretation: susceptibility excessive

make uproar with young people 44
Sense of the dream: will you bring victory over your enemies

racecourse races with many people 48
What does it mean: aid and money in sight