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Have kids or lambs. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream have kids or lambs. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

have kids or lambs 54
Meaning of the dream: consolation

have many sheep or lambs 15
Description: profit and wealth

buy lambs 17
Interpretation of the dream: amazement

find lambs 40
Translation: process gained

slaughter lambs 15
Dream description: incoming correspondence

breast-feed lambs 15
Meaning: fear of deception

flock of lambs 64
Translation of the dream: enviable economic security

lambs in the country 1
Interpretation: tranquility, calm

lambs leaping 56
Sense of the dream: good wishes

possess a good number of lambs 56
What does it mean: profit and consolation

flayed lambs 64
Meaning of the dream: loyalty in friendship

lambs grazing or dormant 5
Description: sudden fright

butchering kids 25
Interpretation of the dream: useful meetings

have a child 77
Translation: novelty

camp kids 52
Dream description: health hazard

want children 60
Meaning: discomfort and nervousness

Children of Wax 83
Translation of the dream: health

have prudence 37
Interpretation: you re too reckless

married with children 69
Sense of the dream: Your judgments are weighted

have or be wet 26
What does it mean: anger

castrate kids 20
Meaning of the dream: payout of hostilities

have daughter 77
Description: novelty coming

have friends 65
Interpretation of the dream: Decision cautious

have ammunition 28
Translation: Ready to everything

have lover 55
Dream description: Revenge of envy

have worm 74
Meaning: errors to be repaired

desire for children 60
Translation of the dream: bad sign

have pus 19
Interpretation: short illness

have junk 78
Sense of the dream: insincere friends

have or use grater 13
What does it mean: get tough leave, dismissal

have sensuality 27
Meaning of the dream: desire for sex

kids count 12
Description: favorable business meeting

have three heads on one neck 3
Interpretation of the dream: honor, strength and heading to the wearer

have a strong appetite 23
Translation: removal of relatives and friends

have a million 90
Dream description: you are afraid of being robbed

have a crevasse 51
Meaning: I like to command

have a disease 30
Translation of the dream: insecurity

have the headscarf 60
Interpretation: deceptions hidden

have typhus 41
Sense of the dream: themes that your health may worsen

to have superficiality 15
What does it mean: you should be more humble

have two noses 19
Meaning of the dream: discord and quarrels

have cholera 7
Description: You get sick

kids at school 23
Interpretation of the dream: minded

have sciatica 55
Translation: Pending conclusion

have, buy or see baking dish 55
Dream description: good friendship nearby

have clothes 39
Meaning: pain near

have the wool jacket out of fashion 27
Translation of the dream: suffer from inferiority complex

have a government servant 46
Interpretation: Good news

have depression 73
Sense of the dream: your project gone wrong and you re discouraged

embrace your children 5
What does it mean: news reserved

clean or have more than two ears 17
Meaning of the dream: friends and faithful servants