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Have hole on belly. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream have hole on belly. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

belly 65
Meaning of the dream: opulence, resources abundant, easy money

their belly 18
Description: emotional states to control

belly of a man 63
Interpretation of the dream: mental laziness

belly of a woman 62
Translation: ties secrets

swollen belly 70
Dream description: mistrust and unwillingness

belly discovery 68
Meaning: that problem is solved

stand belly 33
Translation of the dream: scarce possibilities

stab in the belly 72
Interpretation: reckless actions

big belly 73
Sense of the dream: realizable and gain

belly fat 87
What does it mean: lack of confidence

belly of man 63
Meaning of the dream: evidence of common sense

belly of woman 62
Description: small gain

sick belly 43

scratch his belly 78

belly button 43

wen in the belly 83

feeling growing belly 28
Translation of the dream: for a man great satisfaction. for an upcoming maternity woman

hole 40
Interpretation: misfortune, bad luck

little hole 47

dig the hole 74
What does it mean: discomforts passengers

make a hole 4
Meaning of the dream: you are close to a legacy

fall into a hole 15
Description: disease

put in the hole 6
Interpretation of the dream: small problems to solve

dig a hole 55
Translation: debts to pay

prompter in the hole 83
Dream description: mental laziness

plug a hole 4
Meaning: emotional arousal

hole dead 45

hole prompter 37

hole shrimp 36

hole of crabs 61

fox hole 39

hole of the court 55

donut with a hole 78

watering hole with oxen 54
Translation: next aid

watering hole with horses 68
Dream description: interesting journey

watering hole with poultry 81
Meaning: deception of friends

red shrimp take the hole 42
Translation of the dream: wrong operation

watering hole with animals 81

watering hole with women 17

watering hole with pigeons 6

watering hole with birds 33

watering hole with men 56

embellishing a church 84
Interpretation of the dream: setback

look out the porthole 37
Translation: luck in love

have wings 15
Dream description: bad period

have lover 55
Meaning: Revenge of envy

shave mustache 43
Translation of the dream: trouble from neighbors

have a bath 16
Interpretation: not relax too

shave the beard 17
Sense of the dream: waste of money

have assets 77
What does it mean: morbid sensuality

cap bellhop 15
Meaning of the dream: ability manual

have a drink 60
Description: violent desires

haversack 12
Interpretation of the dream: new initiatives

manhole 12
Translation: inner dissatisfaction

hiding in a manhole 46
Dream description: sacrifices in family

ox bellowing 30
Meaning: struggles to deal

have ring with agate stone on the finger 11
Translation of the dream: good omen for the family

have wings and fly 66
Interpretation: luck

laugh and have fun with their friends 12
Sense of the dream: next break in relations

have wounds pineapple 51
What does it mean: the great disasters in the family

have a strong appetite 23
Meaning of the dream: removal of relatives and friends

have an empty bowl 45
Description: letter from afar

have or be wet 26
Interpretation of the dream: anger

barber cuts hair or shaves 13
Translation: loss for those who dream, profit for the person in the dream

a shave from a barber 14
Dream description: many hassles and gossip

have beaks (rams) 49
Meaning: abundance

learn belles lettres 21
Translation of the dream: joy

have hip stronger 46
Interpretation: joy and happiness in marriage

falling from a bell tower 16
Sense of the dream: support received