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Happy brides. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream happy brides. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

happy lovers 19
Meaning of the dream: new experiences

happy children 38
Description: bond passenger

happy people 56
Interpretation of the dream: a lot of movement

joy for happy events 90
Translation: requited love

be happy 11
Dream description: good news soon

happy birth 87
Meaning: pain tolerance

Happy Marriage 17
Translation of the dream: good intentions unrealizable

happy wife 45
Interpretation: renewed determination and greater safety

think of happy things 43
Sense of the dream: uncertain situation

happy with the work 84
What does it mean: disruptions in family

happy little family 90
Meaning of the dream: Find it difficult unnecessarily

happy for winning 6
Description: uncontrolled shaking

happy for love 18
Interpretation of the dream: so many people who love you

wish you happy holidays 64
Translation: indiscreet revelations

happy childhood 63
Dream description: you have nostalgia for the past

happy New Year 26
Meaning: quarrels in the family

make happy 81
Translation of the dream: nervous tension

Consequently happy 49
Interpretation: Family Welfare

happy outcome 54
Sense of the dream: moodiness and contrasts

grinder happy 89
What does it mean: serious tension

happy person 36
Meaning of the dream: tries to stay close to the people you care about

happy husband 40
Description: Fortunately variable

happy Gain 3
Interpretation of the dream: serious risks

pretend to be happy 88
Translation: misguidance

happy with a win 9
Dream description: overwhelming logic

wreathe bride 75
Meaning: concerns ending

lucky chance 46
Translation of the dream: deceptive illusion

take a fancy to bride 75
Interpretation: Hidden Danger

wish bon voyage 14
Sense of the dream: sincere feelings

happy expression 85
What does it mean: accumulation of stress

good evening 28
Meaning of the dream: fanaticism exaggerated

good night 25
Description: undue alarm

lucky family 61
Interpretation of the dream: right insight

bridal ring 22
Translation: friendships secure and trusted

enriched unhappy 80
Dream description: confusion in family

flattered 37
Meaning: dynamism accentuated

Consequently unhappy 42
Translation of the dream: a special message has been given to you from the spiritual realm

dress up as a bride 61
Interpretation: displeasure

protecting unhappy 14
Sense of the dream: knowledge important

church with bride and groom 54
What does it mean: hidden enemies

hang out unhappy neighborhoods 19
Meaning of the dream: pulses to curb

wish you a merry Christmas 10
Description: serenity in the family

appease children 18
Interpretation of the dream: resolution of a question still pending

appease animals 52
Translation: dangerous distraction

wedding dress or bridal dress 80
Dream description: flattery

please the relatives 84
Meaning: be restless

crowing cock 53
Translation of the dream: joy short-lived

please friends 2
Interpretation: consolations and joys

please the lover 6
Sense of the dream: hard fight

cheer a player 10
What does it mean: regret useless

find a rich and beautiful bride 61
Meaning of the dream: death of the father or mother