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Hanging ropes. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream hanging ropes. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

untangle ropes 8
Meaning of the dream: good harmony

ropes and cords 20
Description: embarrassments and effort

boxer on the ropes 17
Interpretation of the dream: unpleasant disillusionment

tie ropes 54
Translation: new responsibilities

stretch ropes 35
Dream description: low energy

guts to make ropes 60
Meaning: happiness and luck

squares hanging 23
Translation of the dream: strong sexual desire

Balcony with clothes hanging 37
Interpretation: bright future

hanging meat 23
Sense of the dream: new possibilities

hanging chandelier 19
What does it mean: little understanding

see many clothes hanging 67
Meaning of the dream: pain

ropes from ship 70
Description: news of those who do not make time to live

ropes and cables, musical instrument 31
Interpretation of the dream: sadness

ropes and cords of hemp 8
Translation: prosperity that declines

picture hanging on the wall 21
Dream description: momentary satisfaction

strings 79
Meaning: chatter

hanging pictures 64
Translation of the dream: You will not aid in the expected difficult occasion, sadness and despair

laundry hanging 47
Interpretation: malignancy on your account

hanging 64
Sense of the dream: someone wants to hinder the work

guitar with 5 strings 16
What does it mean: confusing situation

guitar with four strings 25
Meaning of the dream: complex situation

guitar with three strings 21
Description: harmonious relationship with spouse

pluck the strings of an instrument 48
Interpretation of the dream: illusions

string guitar 44
Translation: new turnover

colored strings 41
Dream description: pain of love

black strings 66
Meaning: sick passenger

buy strings 10
Translation of the dream: long wait

string orchestra 20
Interpretation: creative energy

slack rope 51
Sense of the dream: exploitation by relatives

clock rope 56
What does it mean: gratitude demonstrated

cordage of ships 13
Meaning of the dream: novellas coming debtors or correspondents

string quartet 12
Description: Decision to be taken

climbing a rope 16
Interpretation of the dream: bad loans

string violin 21
Translation: joyful events

leather strings 5
Dream description: neglect in work

strings of cotton 33
Meaning: willpower

hang yourself on the gallows 12
Translation of the dream: lack of money

gallows with a hanged man 1
Interpretation: good health

pending case 71
Sense of the dream: loss of protection

cordage 59
What does it mean: grave insult

spoon soup 48
Meaning of the dream: mental elasticity

hang onions 49
Description: hope failed

hanged 39
Interpretation of the dream: It will be good news or an unexpected gift

gallows 39
Translation: payout of slander

hang seeing something 5
Dream description: infidelity

break strings 16
Meaning: Luckily the game

be hanged 3
Translation of the dream: more the gallows is high, the greater the honor that we receive

die hanged 86
Interpretation: good advice from older

executed hanged 43
Sense of the dream: health in danger

new rope 6
What does it mean: industrious tireless

old rope 65
Meaning of the dream: good position