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Hang a dress. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream hang a dress. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

hang a dress 66
Meaning of the dream: disappointment

wedding dress or bridal dress 80
Description: flattery

hang 6
Interpretation of the dream: advice given in bad faith

hang himself 11
Translation: You seek revenge

hang seeing something 5
Dream description: infidelity

hang up 73
Meaning: pride accentuated

hang a watercolor 58
Translation of the dream: advice given in bad faith

hang a weapon 13
Interpretation: good friendship

hang a clock 27
Sense of the dream: Dangerous Liaisons

hang your hat 30
What does it mean: deception by an employee

hang a cage 41
Meaning of the dream: business cheated

hang sausages 53
Description: need for economies

hang garlic 72
Interpretation of the dream: serious troubles

hang onions 49
Translation: hope failed

hang a picture 64
Dream description: success in love

hang women 80
Meaning: position compromised

hang men 16
Translation of the dream: energy and boldness

calendar to hang 22
Interpretation: prudence in love

hang from the gallows 77
Sense of the dream: improvement of situation

hang himself from a tree 70
What does it mean: great sorrows

hang on the gallows 12
Meaning of the dream: lack of money

hang himself from a beam 22
Description: dangerous situation

hang up a fight 83
Interpretation of the dream: difficulties of adaptation

hang rifle 22

hang sword 31

hang out bad friends 30
Meaning: confusing situation

hang out unhappy neighborhoods 19
Translation of the dream: pulses to curb

dress 14
Interpretation: you underestimate

take off the dress 47
Sense of the dream: good luck

try a dress 20
What does it mean: shyness and discretion

new dress 29
Meaning of the dream: concerns about the money

dress off 84
Description: good health

get the dress 18
Interpretation of the dream: unexpected solution

take off her dress 9
Translation: Discussions with family

dress with neglect 89
Dream description: enmity won

dress up as a bride 61
Meaning: displeasure

dress costumes 55
Translation of the dream: falsehood

buttoning the dress 18
Interpretation: imprudence

dress or suit 35
Sense of the dream: protection, safety

colorful dress 60
What does it mean: realizations

white dress 20
Meaning of the dream: joys and desires

black dress 73
Description: sorrows

red dress 48
Interpretation of the dream: security

dress child 3
Translation: impromptu

dress as a priest 22
Dream description: suspects

dress nun 89
Meaning: bad innuendo

mourning dress 73
Translation of the dream: unjust accusations

carnival dress 8
Interpretation: falsehood

dress hunter 1
Sense of the dream: New appointments

Military dress 72
What does it mean: talk in the family

gorgeous dress 80
Meaning of the dream: bullying suffered

ragged dress 17
Description: bad reputation

sew a dress 31
Interpretation of the dream: suspects

change the dress 61
Translation: culmination of dreams

sell dress 85
Dream description: intolerance

give a dress 4
Meaning: clarity of ideas

throw a dress 44
Translation of the dream: danger

rent a dress 1
Interpretation: protection granted

adjust a dress 73
Sense of the dream: discovery of enmity

lace dress 18
What does it mean: imprudence

enlarge a dress 38
Meaning of the dream: realism in speech

baby dress 13
Description: Late repentance

blue dress 51
Interpretation of the dream: nearby a woman

baste a dress 85
Translation: hostility harmful

wear a dress 11
Dream description: good intentions

muddy dress 28
Meaning: slander and gossip

dress designer 66
Translation of the dream: good news

stain on the dress 37
Interpretation: discouragement and punishment

measure a dress 14
Sense of the dream: susceptibility and selfishness

oblige to dress 86
What does it mean: mood changes

ordering a dress 16
Meaning of the dream: interesting discoveries

dress parade 80
Description: change of environment

perfuming dress 28
Interpretation of the dream: good social position