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Hands madonna. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream hands madonna. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

madonna talking 64
Meaning of the dream: delight

madonna with angels 61
Description: order concerns

madonna in procession 38
Interpretation of the dream: proposals that are successful

immaculate madonna 88
Translation: good omens

kiss madonna 47
Dream description: promising business

madonna with flowers 71
Meaning: propitious events

madonna on the altar 51
Translation of the dream: confident hope

madonna with votes 70
Interpretation: imagination alive

Madonna 60
Sense of the dream: blessings

effigy of madonna 3
What does it mean: inner insecurity

mantle of madonna 6
Meaning of the dream: efforts rewarded

water of the Madonna 22
Description: need to find peace

black madonna 32
Interpretation of the dream: excessive protection from a family member

venerate the Madonna 50
Translation: great fortune

8 - Smorfia classic: Madonna 8

the lady who cries 29
Meaning: something important will happen

pray to the Virgin Mary 6
Translation of the dream: need for decision

apparition of the Virgin Mary 48
Interpretation: happiness has to come

statue of the Virgin Mary 33
Sense of the dream: important protection

imploring the Virgin Mary 5
What does it mean: reward joyful

blaspheming the Virgin Mary 37
Meaning of the dream: Next satisfaction

worship the Virgin Mary 60
Description: sacrifices rewarded

hands 5
Interpretation of the dream: Fortunately incoming

clean your hands 40
Translation: happiness in family

warm up your hands 55
Dream description: dangerous fantasies

look at your hands 26
Meaning: infirmity

scratched hands 14
Translation of the dream: guilt trip

hands of man 6
Interpretation: conciliatory spirit

freezing hands 77
Sense of the dream: lack of courage

hands burned 20
What does it mean: enthusiasm for new projects

burning hands 10
Meaning of the dream: excessive dynamism

flour the hands 46
Description: good business

woman hands 22
Interpretation of the dream: momentary depression

wounded hands 59
Translation: waste of money

cripple the hands 90
Dream description: calculation

hands cut 16
Meaning: kindness received

clean hands 67
Translation of the dream: conclusion of a deal

hands clasped 26
Interpretation: inconstancy in love

Stake hands 43
Sense of the dream: small regret

imprint of hands 1
What does it mean: mediocre performance at work

rub their hands 16
Meaning of the dream: momentary conquest

cool hands 6
Description: deep bitterness

beaten on the hands 76
Interpretation of the dream: anxiety secret

scratch hands 31
Translation: inconstancy and levity in the affections

burn your hands 10
Dream description: laziness in decisions

place his hands 40
Meaning: long trip

hands with gloves 54
Translation of the dream: pleasant meeting

cold hands 14
Interpretation: vacillating resolutions

raise your hands 10
Sense of the dream: tenacity in completing new commitments

rinse your hands 16
What does it mean: joy in family

wreathe madonnas 8
Meaning of the dream: fixed thoughts

having hands numb 5
Description: project runs aground

see hands 28
Interpretation of the dream: honors

put your hands down 5
Translation: fatality

joint hands 54
Dream description: ostentation Safety