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Hall meetings. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream hall meetings. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

baptize useful meetings 77
Meaning of the dream: your business

Hall 6
Description: prosperity at home

to wait in the hall 32
Interpretation of the dream: quarrels

hall of office 4
Translation: erroneous opinions

hall of a hospital 42
Dream description: good health

city ​​Hall 46
Meaning: overspending

town hall 57
Translation of the dream: Slowly you will reach your goal

be or see a music-hall 39
Interpretation: Friends will help

dance hall 22
Sense of the dream: emotional problems

concert hall 23
What does it mean: strong character and determination

empty hall 50
Meaning of the dream: loss

public hall 1
Description: economic difficulties

illuminated hall 34
Interpretation of the dream: Understanding emotional

Great Hall 51
Translation: strong contrasts

hall of hotel 69
Dream description: restlessness and nervousness

hall lighting 81
Meaning: the hide something will be discovered

closed hall 54
Translation of the dream: sad separation

publication in town hall 62
Interpretation: useful meetings

join a meeting 77
Sense of the dream: affront to receive

meeting relatives 31
What does it mean: insult

meeting of women 44
Meaning of the dream: mischief discovery

meeting of people 55
Description: tranquility of mind

meeting or gathering of conspirators 51
Interpretation of the dream: crying

meeting of soldiers 3
Translation: contrariness

meeting of general 48
Dream description: deserved punishment

meeting of deputies 46
Meaning: dishonest

meeting of senators 41
Translation of the dream: bad news

meeting of Ministers 57
Interpretation: family discussions

meeting of judges 37
Sense of the dream: new force

meeting of unions 9
What does it mean: good deeds

hallucination 39
Meaning of the dream: sad memories

hallucinatory dream 43
Description: sad memories

hallucinatory vision 28
Interpretation of the dream: morbid sensuality

hallucinatory tale 88
Translation: false judgments

Book hallucinating 8
Dream description: inconstancy in action

hallucinatory spectacle 23
Meaning: contrasts to overcome

arrange a meeting 7
Translation of the dream: understanding and serenity

meeting 90
Interpretation: unexpected news

moving meeting 9
Sense of the dream: change of environment

meeting friends 3
What does it mean: false inspirations

hallway home 84
Meaning of the dream: moral force

bright hallway 52
Description: misunderstandings clarified

defer a meeting 51
Interpretation of the dream: agreement between spouses

avoid meeting 21
Translation: many surprises

order a meeting 69
Dream description: solution to solicit

chairing a meeting 55
Meaning: vote of confidence

take up the challenge 62
Translation of the dream: projects baseless

shallows prunes 84
Interpretation: unexpected delays

wreck in shallow water 18
Sense of the dream: you should respond to more than meet the difficulties

postpone a meeting 51
What does it mean: agreement in family