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Hair falling despair. Meaning of dream and numbers.

The meaning of the dream hair falling despair. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

hair falling 15
Meaning of the dream: waste of money

Perhaps despair 75
Description: speeches alarming

kill despair 77
Interpretation of the dream: new openings in business

despair 90
Translation: awaits a better future

despair jealousy 40
Dream description: unwillingness

despair for death 25
Meaning: generous altruism

despair to heal 68
Translation of the dream: overwork and unnerving

despair for loss 31
Interpretation: no meeting tomorrow

hanged himself in despair 7
Sense of the dream: prosperity

despair by misery 65
What does it mean: need for discipline

despair for love 57
Meaning of the dream: particular success

cries of despair 7
Description: joys in love

exclamation of despair 6
Interpretation of the dream: better future

fix the hair 59
Translation: secret pain

instant hair loss 20
Dream description: unconscious fears

long hair 81
Meaning: good luck

shave the hair 3
Translation of the dream: painful loss

calls can hair 50
Interpretation: there's still something that does not convince you

friction to the hair 58
Sense of the dream: unexpected rescue

hair pulling 68
What does it mean: disorderly actions

sprout hair 17
Meaning of the dream: loss of physical energy

dissolve the hair 23
Description: you rid of an annoying person

tangle of hair 65
Interpretation of the dream: fears and jealousy

Hair dead 29
Translation: exaggerated optimism

wash your hair 71
Dream description: victory over enemies

redyeing hair 7
Meaning: working capacity

straight hair 36
Translation of the dream: affable character

oily hair 44
Interpretation: false news

hair in order 65
Sense of the dream: You have a clear idea

headbands hair 14
What does it mean: too many thoughts and responsibilities

perfuming hair 72
Meaning of the dream: messy love life

hair 11
Description: sexual virility, seduction and sensuality

blow dry your hair 63
Interpretation of the dream: seeks to reflect more in special situations

hair tie 40
Translation: false insights

Old falling 74
Dream description: business disastrous

Red hair 48
Meaning: separation for a chat

Abbot falling 13
Translation of the dream: love of neighbor

little hair 2
Interpretation: security in business

fake hair 41
Sense of the dream: physical exhaustion

woman hair 46
What does it mean: malicious gossip

Thinning hair 49
Meaning of the dream: you have to solve a pressing problem

falling from a branch 19
Description: loss of confidence

tearing hair 43
Interpretation of the dream: happy marriage

short hair 1
Translation: serenity in family

Hair dye 38
Dream description: sudden problems

cut the hair 30
Meaning: danger of exploitation

gray hair 31
Translation of the dream: meetings of value

Oil on the hair 16
Interpretation: coming wonders

burning hair 1
Sense of the dream: dynamism reduced

braided hair 29
What does it mean: bad news

hair brown 73
Meaning of the dream: reasons of pride

Bomber falling 65
Description: dishonor

dry hair 63
Interpretation of the dream: instability of mood