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Guys who train. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream guys who train. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

guys who scream 32
Meaning of the dream: intolerance and nervousness

see guys fight 66
Description: petulance

boys who study 2
Interpretation of the dream: important assignments

boys who cry 3
Translation: shock and disappointment

whipping boys 71
Dream description: uncontrolled passion

train hard 50
Meaning: contrasts to overcome

chicks who drink 38
Translation of the dream: resignation

gypsies who steal 86
Interpretation: beware of fake friends

masons who eat 45
Sense of the dream: challenging decisions

masons who drink 58
What does it mean: trouble and disappointments

train outdoors 34
Meaning of the dream: desire for understanding

grandparents who weep 71
Description: discussion controversy

Arriving by train 59
Interpretation of the dream: welfare

men who fight with a wild animal 35
Translation: good friendships

pupils who go to school 21
Dream description: increase physical energy

vintner who harvest 20
Meaning: period extraordinarily happy

people who cackles 67
Translation of the dream: sorrows and worries

children who study 47
Interpretation: crime

lovers who kill 72
Sense of the dream: prejudices to avoid

Children who eat 65
What does it mean: waiting impatiently

Travelers who eat 2
Meaning of the dream: mishaps negligible

Travelers who bicker 45
Description: waste of energy

dogs who are fighting 7
Interpretation of the dream: pitfall nearby

fast train 83
Translation: financial prosperity

empty train 37
Dream description: relations in danger

car train 7
Meaning: desire for freedom

sleeper train 14
Translation of the dream: trying to achieve a goal

engage train 79
Interpretation: prevention to overcome

incoming train 82
Sense of the dream: important relationships

train stopped 90
What does it mean: opportunities to be exploited

crowded train 60
Meaning of the dream: future plans

train departing 40
Description: minded

lovers who are separated 18
Interpretation of the dream: self confidence

brake the train 9
Translation: fear and jealousy

reach train 42
Dream description: relations in danger

tourist train 42
Meaning: pleasant novelty

train recruits 12
Translation of the dream: tolerance

chief train 86
Interpretation: friendships short

corridor train 58
Sense of the dream: inner resources

train whistle 36
What does it mean: situation to be clarified immediately

sleeping train 39
Meaning of the dream: discretion

slow train 74
Description: disharmony in the family

watching the train 62
Interpretation of the dream: fill in difficult relationships

boys playing 21
Translation: positive affective balance

to train 80
Dream description: It is on the right path in life, in the right direction

stop the train 15
Meaning: superficiality of feelings

carrying a train 85
Translation of the dream: ability positive

travel by rail (train) 21
Interpretation: availability of money

Shocked train 35
Sense of the dream: melancholy passing

derailing a train 89
What does it mean: You destroyed the projects your friend

disassemble the train 15
Meaning of the dream: strained relations

train derails 8
Description: complications

illiterate who studies 80
Interpretation of the dream: serenity of spirit