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Guys in the gym. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream guys in the gym. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

inscribed in the gym 10
Meaning of the dream: energy physics

exercising at the gym 45
Description: lasting ties

fencing in gym 18
Interpretation of the dream: victory over a rival

work out in the gym 1
Translation: adaptability

guys who scream 32
Dream description: intolerance and nervousness

see guys fight 66
Meaning: petulance

indoor gym 49
Translation of the dream: good social position

gym 39
Interpretation: new friendships and opportunities

outdoor gym 59
Sense of the dream: Unexpected Journey

correct boys 12
What does it mean: diligent collaboration

whipping boys 71
Meaning of the dream: uncontrolled passion

interrogate boys 2
Description: instability of relationships

boys in church 60
Interpretation of the dream: generous impulses

boys playing 21
Translation: positive affective balance

dance hall 22
Dream description: emotional problems

gathering of boys 88
Meaning: trust purchased

Arrival boys 12
Translation of the dream: happy surprise

choir boys 2
Interpretation: good news

boys who cry 3
Sense of the dream: shock and disappointment

boys who study 2
What does it mean: important assignments

Brigade boys 7
Meaning of the dream: superficiality of relatives

Boys Eating 67
Description: magnanimous feelings

boys play 55
Interpretation of the dream: resolution of a doubt

boys quarreling 17
Translation: lack of relationships

boys jump 70
Dream description: Recessed

bathroom with men 28
Meaning: slander dangerous

converse with kids 19
Translation of the dream: program changes

swear 52
Interpretation: misfortune and shame

burn a guy 87
Sense of the dream: cheerfulness unjustified

to wait in the hall 32
What does it mean: quarrels

gallery 39
Meaning of the dream: purchase unwary

gaming license 69
Description: blessings and honors

fight and win with a guy 75
Interpretation of the dream: malicious gossip and shame

sporting career 49
Translation: support and security

assortment of games 54
Dream description: sad memories as a child

lounge illuminated 63
Meaning: love declaration

broken toys 51
Translation of the dream: selfishness and calculation

sports meeting 24
Interpretation: embarrassing choice

bored in a lecture 48
Sense of the dream: liberation from weights

sports newspaper 40
What does it mean: serenity in family

sports Association 54
Meaning of the dream: desire for detente

lounge with relatives 35
Description: easy success

sports award 37
Interpretation of the dream: rapprochement expected

a pair of acrobats 71
Translation: risk exceeded

sporting ambition 11
Dream description: succeeded in resolutions

Sports clothes 3
Meaning: dangerous hazards

go to games and leisure 9
Translation of the dream: danger of losing your good

explosion of fireworks 71
Interpretation: eventful life

unexploded fireworks 13
Sense of the dream: you need to fix something wrong

be injured by fireworks 65
What does it mean: theft

bathroom 57
Meaning of the dream: unfounded jealousy

boys running 22
Description: rather exaggerated alarmism

drain boys 74
Interpretation of the dream: disturbance and anguish

dancing boys 88
Translation: serious concerns