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Great-grandmother who complains. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream great-grandmother who complains. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

great grandmother or great-grandfather 52
Meaning of the dream: Peace of mind

Sick complains 43
Description: protection of powerful

right complaint 20
Interpretation of the dream: nervous tension

great sultan who smokes 59
Translation: safe location

protrude complaint 34
Dream description: unpleasant adventure

pinning complaint 8
Meaning: hard struggles to sustain

grandfather or grandmother 50
Translation of the dream: need sacraments

great sultan who travels 46
Interpretation: minor glitches

heard his wife complain 36
Sense of the dream: great torment

complaint at the post office 27
What does it mean: good health

dead grandmother 33
Meaning of the dream: good omens

maternal grandmother 6
Description: Ensure that someone would want to cheat you

look like the grandmother 82
Interpretation of the dream: carried providential

great grandfather 66
Translation: messy love life

complain lover 54
Dream description: self-confidence

nurse who falls 33
Meaning: misunderstandings interest

nurse who stretches 65
Translation of the dream: It will have uncertainty in action, with little profit

nun who tries 39
Interpretation: dangerous enemies

young girl who smokes 18
Sense of the dream: fertility, spiritual development, growth or growth potential

the lady who cries 29
What does it mean: something important will happen

complaint for theft 76
Meaning of the dream: unwillingness

nurse who gives medicines 18
Description: accommodation business

complaining of her husband 3
Interpretation of the dream: physical recovery

girlfriend who takes drugs 54
Translation: failure in business

complaint for a crime 27
Dream description: cost-effective solution

great dinner 83
Meaning: much dinner

great ape 72
Translation of the dream: reckless actions

great toy 44
Interpretation: mood changes

sorceress who predicts 11
Sense of the dream: poor business sense

maid who cleans 58
What does it mean: hopes fulfilled

I see great 17
Meaning of the dream: injury or danger of fire

great palace 8
Description: decisions to return

midwife who works 58
Interpretation of the dream: considerable profit

grow be great 90
Translation: riches and honors

great 57
Dream description: compromise dangerous

midwife who assists 87
Meaning: sorrows

great hotel 43
Translation of the dream: contrasts with family

nun who communicates 88
Interpretation: excellent earnings

housewife who cleans 23
Sense of the dream: new initiatives

Great Theatre 90
What does it mean: unrealizable desires

old man who cries 16
Meaning of the dream: personal success

creature who falls 56
Description: unnecessary controversy

nurse who looks after 5
Interpretation of the dream: emotional satisfaction

young girl who works 5
Translation: you are facing a bad time

complaint 30
Dream description: unnecessary waiting

hunter who eats 25
Meaning: unforeseen obstacles

mason who cries 27
Translation of the dream: contrasting moods

virgin who marries 8
Interpretation: external protection

banker who collects 36
Sense of the dream: lack of generosity

deputy who writes 78
What does it mean: painful disappointments