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Greasy. Meaning of dream and numbers.

The meaning, interpretation and numbers of your dream: greasy

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greasy 32
Meaning of the dream: do not be so stingy

grease spot 70
Dream Interpretation: disputes and misunderstandings

greased with an ointment 16
Meanings of dreams: unbridled ambition

grease the wheel 20
Dream Interpretations: constant work

grease tallow 28
What does this mean: favors from a friend

grease 38
What does it mean: irritation exaggerated

grease with fat 16
Meaning of the dream: unfounded suspicions

grease with butter 79
Dream Interpretation: interior revolt

grease a wheel 17
Meanings of dreams: waste of energy

grease a lock 61
Dream Interpretations: violent incidents

grease a plague 83
What does this mean: need of rest

vat grease 84

pot with grease 27