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Gray snake capture. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream gray snake capture. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

capture reptile 47
Meaning of the dream: confusion and doubts

capture nightingale 21
Description: delight

capture fox 54
Interpretation of the dream: advances and protections

capture scorpion 17
Translation: important clarifications

gray rabbit 13
Dream description: disagreements over money

gray hoary 15
Meaning: you will have many descendants

capture prey 62
Translation of the dream: intimate satisfactions

gray gecko 9
Interpretation: torments

gray hamster 84
Sense of the dream: unfinished business or done hastily

hat gray 56
What does it mean: help from relatives or friends

big snake 44
Meaning of the dream: deceptions hidden

a poisonous snake 80
Description: numerous obstacles

snake Room 59
Interpretation of the dream: great nervous tension

snake small 86
Translation: restlessness

snake whistling 40
Dream description: pride and ambition

gray hair 31
Meaning: meetings of value

see snake 25
Translation of the dream: strong emotions

snake boa 15
Interpretation: recognized expertise

gray background 14
Sense of the dream: something is fake and not even you noticed

to catch 7
What does it mean: patience

snake more heads 15
Meaning of the dream: danger of seduction

snake 84
Description: enemies and ingratitude

capturing a military 1
Interpretation of the dream: good luck

capturing a man 57
Translation: unfortunate mishap sentimental

scales of a snake 26
Dream description: agreements to be screened

snake in the bed 77
Meaning: exuberance and impulsiveness

gray muslin 89
Translation of the dream: protection and aid

rubber snake 10
Interpretation: fake friends

coiled snake 42
Sense of the dream: ingratitude of a trusted person

snake tongue 88
What does it mean: balance

snake that attacks 10
Meaning of the dream: need for reflection

capturing a woman 20
Description: suffer the misery

seeing him snake 24
Interpretation of the dream: contrasts in love

gray atmosphere 48
Translation: there's something yet to be clarified

crawl a snake 26
Dream description: infidelity

whistle snake 54
Meaning: important decision

gray 11
Translation of the dream: lack of clarity in the work

snake tail 3
Interpretation: waste of money

basilisk snake fabulous 34
Sense of the dream: various injuries

eva with snake 19
What does it mean: difficult position

capturing a farmer 1
Meaning of the dream: luck in business

approach a snake 66
Description: fulfillment in love

approached by a snake 66
Interpretation of the dream: Fortunately for all activities

grey sky 80
Translation: love uncertain

capturing a swarm 75
Dream description: remorse for wrongdoing

kill snake 62
Meaning: victory over enemies

gray mustache 61
Translation of the dream: Domestic troubles

gray clouds 7
Interpretation: melancholy

snake bites 76
Sense of the dream: willingness stubborn

hydro (water snake) 7
What does it mean: ingratitude, next seduction

gray base 38
Meaning of the dream: joy

bring down a snake 45
Description: poverty, misery dreadful

anaconda (water snake) 77
Interpretation of the dream: temptations

catch thieves 24
Translation: momentary embarrassment