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Granting grace. Meaning of dream and numbers.

The meaning of the dream granting grace. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

granting grace 68
Meaning of the dream: lofty ideals

grace ask 65
Description: loss

grace 6
Interpretation of the dream: go subject to important changes

release for grace 41
Translation: happy solution

Grace get early 7
Dream description: painful loss

implore a grace 27
Meaning: upsets passengers

human grace 56
Translation of the dream: joy

special grace 66
Interpretation: healing

obtain a grace 62
Sense of the dream: worrying physical weakness

acquittal by grace 42
What does it mean: good business

grace of the pope 8
Meaning of the dream: achievement of ideals

divine grace 47
Description: despair

dance with light and grace 2
Interpretation of the dream: friendship and success in business

grant forgiveness 32
Translation: reactions unreasonable

beg for mercy 6
Dream description: interesting realization

grant a mortgage 15
Meaning: comprehension

grant 71
Translation of the dream: difficult adventure

grant a loan 26
Interpretation: arrogance and conceit

grant advantage 48
Sense of the dream: sudden revival

grant holidays 45
What does it mean: caring friends

grant an extension 55
Meaning of the dream: serene self-confidence

grant a rematch 70
Description: esteems your work colleagues

grant support 49
Interpretation of the dream: bonhomie and sympathy

dancing gracefully 31
Translation: missteps enemies

grant a rise 28
Dream description: unjust accusations

give thanks to God 83
Meaning: rectitude of judgment

grant an advance 17
Translation of the dream: deal failed

grant an organ 90
Interpretation: tranquility and relax

grant a privilege 48
Sense of the dream: sudden revival

Favor Confirmation 57
What does it mean: ideas difficult to implement

goat giving milk 2
Meaning of the dream: deal unproductive

give the blessing 89
Description: need for economies

giving help 80
Interpretation of the dream: pleasant surprises

giving slippers 48
Translation: friendship in danger

giving apples to other 28
Dream description: great fortune

grant permission 7
Meaning: repressed impulses

giving rose to a sick 58
Translation of the dream: bad omen

signature of favor 81
Interpretation: pride and courage

tune a guitar 11
Sense of the dream: new projects

mercy with child 8
What does it mean: new possibilities

mercy pregnant 84
Meaning of the dream: imprudent steps

munificence of works 41
Description: something puts unnecessary anxiety

suppress for mercy 40
Interpretation of the dream: killing unjustified

grant instruments 31
Translation: difficult adventure

To do a favour 49
Dream description: easy conquests

gain favor 11
Meaning: short term success

executed pardoned 80
Translation of the dream: fight for life

favor received 69
Interpretation: small gains

accused acquitted 72
Sense of the dream: agreements that are successful

give sleeping pills to others 89
What does it mean: behavior to be corrected

Favor Baptism 22
Meaning of the dream: great inner strength

butcher's smock 7
Description: trip worthwhile

given the world 88
Interpretation of the dream: Passion for the game

to offer 3
Translation: desire for tranquility and good friendship relations

to challenge 90
Dream description: aggression, hatred

handkerchief given 45
Meaning: fatality