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Grandmother sleeping in the sun. Meaning of dream and numbers.

The meaning of the dream grandmother sleeping in the sun. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

grandfather or grandmother 50
Meaning of the dream: need sacraments

look like the grandmother 82
Description: carried providential

dead grandmother 33
Interpretation of the dream: good omens

paternal grandmother 18
Translation: problems at work

woman sleeping 37
Dream description: Negative thoughts

girl sleeping 32
Meaning: unexpected obstacle

maternal grandmother 6
Translation of the dream: Ensure that someone would want to cheat you

deer sleeping 18
Interpretation: fear and insecurity

man sleeping 32
Sense of the dream: disease passing

sleeping with mother 65
What does it mean: willingness weak

Abbess sleeping 38
Meaning of the dream: unjust attitude

farmer who sleeps 22
Description: Fortunately in social life

animal sleeping 4
Interpretation of the dream: wisdom actions

sick sleeping 56
Translation: conquest of goods

peasant sleeping 66
Dream description: thwarted love

donkey sleeping 32
Meaning: eventful period

lying sleeping 7
Translation of the dream: have faith, believe in yourself

rustic sleeping 33
Interpretation: new initiatives

inmate sleeping 72
Sense of the dream: coldness and calculation

hound sleeping 32
What does it mean: programs to be reviewed

coachman sleeping 57
Meaning of the dream: cunning and mischief

sleeping with his father 23
Description: excessive dynamism

little baby sleeping 17
Interpretation of the dream: You re lucky in business

sleeping in the barn 60
Translation: Revenue extra money

beast who sleeps 79
Dream description: risk of theft

Archpriest sleeping 11
Meaning: admiration for the elderly

hunchback sleeping 78
Translation of the dream: you are tired and fatigued

sleeping on a float 71
Interpretation: good luck

fall asleep in the sun 55
Sense of the dream: lost happiness

drunk sleeping 61
What does it mean: happy conclusion

ox sleeping 66
Meaning of the dream: hard times

sleeping with his wife 28
Description: probability Travel

sleeping with naked person 10
Interpretation of the dream: reason to fear the trap in which they will be taken

mason who sleeps 84
Translation: new openings in negotiations

sleep naked 10
Dream description: danger of deception

sleeping on feathers 80
Meaning: achieving a goal

Abbot sleeping 17
Translation of the dream: confidence with your loved one

sleep on a cot 72
Interpretation: possessions

see the sun 82
Sense of the dream: great fortune

Goldfinch sleeping 20
What does it mean: economic hardship

sleep on the grass 45
Meaning of the dream: reversal of situation

great grandmother or great-grandfather 52
Description: Peace of mind

sleeping in armchair 18
Interpretation of the dream: patience and optimism

setting sun 89
Translation: melancholy and depression

shining sun 40
Dream description: delight

sleep in the hammock 33
Meaning: mild illness

sleep on the veranda 6
Translation of the dream: misunderstanding resolved

sleeping with her lover 3
Interpretation: obstinacy dangerous

canary sleeping 4
Sense of the dream: little annoyances

bathing in the sun 64
What does it mean: hard problems

Sun 1
Meaning of the dream: have faith, believe in yourself

goat sleeping 45
Description: danger of cheating