Dictionary of Dreams - Numbers, meaning and interpretation of dreams

goodbye to the dying

The meaning, interpretation and numbers of your dream: goodbye to the dying

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39 goodbye to the dying
long life

29 goodbye
painful and unpleasant news

26 say goodbye

25 say goodbye to the doctor
unhappy passion

13 say goodbye Advocate
sudden change

68 say goodbye to neighbors
danger of delays

73 say goodbye after a visit
poor understanding

11 goodbye by customers
righteousness and benevolence

49 dying
long life

5 sick dying
friendships helpful

30 see a dying man
health hazard

15 dying serene
prosperity and health

90 dying desperate
obstacles to overcome

75 resuscitate a dying
prudence in speech

5 shrink dying
good health

7 smallpox dying
fixed ideas

62 dying old man
successful completion of a deal

47 assist a dying man
request for aid

61 confessor at a dying man
rectitude and honesty

27 groan of a dying man
profitable activities

8 dying man who made his will
contrasts with family

19 gasp of a dying man

54 bloodying his face
You will suffer serious accidents

23 girl studying
beautiful prospects

56 seminarians studying
ties unstable

23 studying languages
false flattery

70 studying at night
deserved awards

71 studying the violin
contrasts of love