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Goldfish swimming pool. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream goldfish swimming pool. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

pool 66
Meaning of the dream: dispersion of forces

large pool 64
Description: clarity of vision

little goldfish 19
Interpretation of the dream: luck

empty pool 6
Translation: unjustified antipathy

full pool 52
Dream description: excellent chance

aquarium with goldfish 51
Meaning: oscillating position

pool garden 58
Translation of the dream: clarity of vision

bathe in the pool 15
Interpretation: excellent chance of recovery

football pool 52
Sense of the dream: you're too stressed out

swim in the pool 9
What does it mean: physical discomfort

tub for swimming 23
Meaning of the dream: dispersion of forces

Red fishes 13
Description: contentment, delight

man swimming 59
Interpretation of the dream: duties to perform

play pool 39
Translation: attention to the pitfalls in the area of ​​friendships

see others play pool 75
Dream description: pleasures

cross a river swimming 84
Meaning: hopes that come true

swimming championship 20
Translation of the dream: satisfactions from children

do the pools 13
Interpretation: passing infatuation

red beans 82
Sense of the dream: harassing criticism

red prawns 38
What does it mean: emotional crisis

red radishes 65
Meaning of the dream: good health

red tulips 59
Description: requited love

Red eyes 35
Interpretation of the dream: Health Concerns

Red peppers 88
Translation: sociability and sympathy

pass a river swimming 84
Dream description: hopes that come true

golden chariot 9
Meaning: waste of money

golden spoon 54
Translation of the dream: good achievements

gold coin 38
Interpretation: poverty, misery dreadful

red lilies 75
Sense of the dream: greed for money

red buttercups 17
What does it mean: nervous tension

tub with water 82
Meaning of the dream: pride and ambition

see red eyes 57
Description: very negative period

born fish 39
Interpretation of the dream: rain

breed fish 17
Translation: death of a woman giving birth or bad

fish tank 35
Dream description: influential support

fin fish 73
Meaning: sadness and anxiety

spearing fish 19
Translation of the dream: strong will

crumple fish 17
Interpretation: hopes dashed

fish breeding 33
Sense of the dream: strong impressionability

roundup of fish 17
What does it mean: excellent prospects

network with fish 17
Meaning of the dream: game of love

stream with fish 15
Description: abundance of goods

catch big fish 33
Interpretation of the dream: joy and profit

personality big fish 33
Translation: You do a very important conquest

bouquet with red flowers 22
Dream description: dangers

see catch fish 4
Meaning: children in poor health or dumb

aquarium with fish 59
Translation of the dream: limited capacity for action

fish in a glass tank 14
Interpretation: stasis in the affective

catch fish in the ice 24
Sense of the dream: someone is hindering

fish of different color 17
What does it mean: growth of disease

swamp with dead fish 52
Meaning of the dream: serious concerns

pond with dead fish 13
Description: dangerous liaison