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Golden camel. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream golden camel. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

camel 28
Meaning of the dream: effort to be crowned a success

see a camel 18
Description: magnetism exaggerated

ride a camel 29
Interpretation of the dream: pleasant events

camel traveling 15
Translation: success in society

camel resting 81
Dream description: harmony in work

Camel eating 17
Meaning: continuous renewal

camel drinking 87
Translation of the dream: opposition passing

camel at the zoo 51
Interpretation: advantageous deals

camel hair 70
Sense of the dream: disagreements in social relations

saddle a camel 10
What does it mean: to curb impulsiveness

camel driver 90

camel in the desert 4

golden button 35
Interpretation of the dream: bad advice

golden goblet 23
Translation: talk about you

golden bell 48
Dream description: disharmony in love

Golden Gate 34
Meaning: trouble from work

wax golden 49
Translation of the dream: secrets, to keep

golden circle 16
Interpretation: false mirages

golden key 77
Sense of the dream: lucrative job

golden bowl 84
What does it mean: new love

golden chariot 9
Meaning of the dream: waste of money

golden dragees 26
Description: conciliatory nature

golden cup 47
Interpretation of the dream: good intelligence

golden cord 75
Translation: tests estimate

golden frame 16
Dream description: Useful relations

golden crown 12
Meaning: melancholy and disappointment

golden cross 12
Translation of the dream: reconciliation and new projects

golden spoon 54
Interpretation: good achievements

golden thimble 31
Sense of the dream: abuse of confidence

golden bow 49
What does it mean: culmination of a dream of love

golden idols 7
Meaning of the dream: jealousy absurd

golden idol 59
Description: misfortune

golden ribbon 68
Interpretation of the dream: psychological acumen

golden hands 18
Translation: practical achievements

golden planet 60
Dream description: inharmonies passing

cope golden 61
Meaning: faithful love

golden censer 63
Translation of the dream: support of relatives

golden fox 9
Interpretation: possibility of gains

golden folder 83

candy golden 26

until golden chalice 77

Golden Whistle 71

Golden Lily 51

golden seal 78

golden lace 76

stick with golden apple 42
Meaning: ephemeral enthusiasm

drinking from a golden goblet 50
Translation of the dream: good wishes

golden wedding anniversary 62

camera 35
Sense of the dream: contrasts with friends

reel camera 76
What does it mean: clear days

camellia 20
Meaning of the dream: sudden discovery

white camellia 35
Description: sudden discovery

red camellia 48
Interpretation of the dream: Incoming letter

Artificial Camellia 60
Translation: temptations to win

give the camellia 40
Dream description: business not serious