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Glasses and clock. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream glasses and clock. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

glasses 88
Meaning of the dream: error that you have to pay

old with glasses 49
Description: melancholy passing

opera glasses 16
Interpretation of the dream: false testimonies of affection

Crystal glasses 28
Translation: regret useless

washing glasses 25
Dream description: forebodings fallacious

wear glasses 22
Meaning: missed opportunity

buy glasses 51
Translation of the dream: sick passenger

dropping glasses 48
Interpretation: fake friends

lose glasses 70
Sense of the dream: impediments and delays

glasses earpiece 72
What does it mean: consequence of infidelity

Sun glasses 14
Meaning of the dream: optimism and confidence

reading glasses 4
Description: satisfactory solution

clean glasses 70
Interpretation of the dream: discovery of intrigue

clean up glasses 80
Translation: cost-effective solution

breaking glasses 2
Dream description: generosity and enthusiasm

shelf with glasses 14
Meaning: happy moments

hurl glasses 2
Translation of the dream: realizable remarkable

tray with glasses 60
Interpretation: safety and benefits

sell glasses 80
Sense of the dream: indecision about what to do

glass or glasses 44
What does it mean: honesty transparency

colored glasses 37
Meaning of the dream: friendships suspicious

extricate glasses 86
Description: dangerous quarrels with friends

sheath of glasses 71
Interpretation of the dream: unpleasant news

pack glasses 47
Translation: stressful time

glasses with lenses 52
Dream description: attempt to deceive with false promises, attention

Silver glasses 81
Meaning: violent incidents

shopkeeper of glasses 41
Translation of the dream: winning at cards, small risk for a large profit

rinse glasses 23
Interpretation: great benefits

short-sighted glasses 5
Sense of the dream: interesting experiences

rimmed glasses turtle 82
What does it mean: prospects happy

glasses mounted in gold 12
Meaning of the dream: malicious gossip

look for the clock 24
Description: honor the profession

clock 20
Interpretation of the dream: It will benefit and satisfaction from the hard work and good will

clock that goes on 60
Translation: feelings thwarted

adjusting a clock 88
Dream description: maturation of ideas

hang a clock 27
Meaning: Dangerous Liaisons

clock tick 84
Translation of the dream: sad disappointments

cap clock 60
Interpretation: pain vanished

bell clock 41
Sense of the dream: Discussions with relatives

clock case 48
What does it mean: quick decision-making

clock key 48
Meaning of the dream: unfounded suspicions

umbilical clock 18
Description: new experiences

forget about the clock 46
Interpretation of the dream: indolence and selfishness

clock hands 7
Translation: great concern

antique clock 55
Dream description: need for economies

table clock 88
Meaning: nice outing

station clock 17
Translation of the dream: appreciations hasty

grandfather clock 7
Interpretation: collisions with older people

clock sewn 50
Sense of the dream: actions contrasted