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Giving the rag. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream giving the rag. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

cloth rag 70
Meaning of the dream: important change

choose rag 4
Description: willingness weak

rag doll 31
Interpretation of the dream: Useful experiences

prepare a rag 13
Translation: progress in personal affairs

season with rag 54
Dream description: needs of relatives

rag salty 68
Meaning: sure intuition

rag burned 10
Translation of the dream: new force

rag (sauce) 18
Interpretation: noisy chatter of females

wet rag 70
Sense of the dream: lucky business

rag ragged 29
What does it mean: desire for freedom

rag bolt head 36
Meaning of the dream: requests for help

giving help 80
Description: pleasant surprises

giving slippers 48
Interpretation of the dream: friendship in danger

giving a layette 45
Translation: You have renounced motherhood

giving apples to other 28
Dream description: great fortune

presentation giving 80
Meaning: organizational capacity

giving a satin 58
Translation of the dream: novelty joyful

giving judgment 38
Interpretation: safe work

giving mussels 73
Sense of the dream: happiness and peace

brilliant giving 76
What does it mean: better future

giving to sleep 89
Meaning of the dream: initiative

giving lover 76
Description: assertion of will

giving birth to a child 75
Interpretation of the dream: delusions of grandeur

giving toy to a child 47
Translation: hope

giving birth to a fish 36
Dream description: son poor health

giving a piggy bank 71
Meaning: Good news coming

cow giving birth 45
Translation of the dream: interesting novelty

giving rose to a sick 58
Interpretation: bad omen

cat giving birth 8
Sense of the dream: increasing vitality

Queen giving birth 59
What does it mean: reforms and settling

goat giving milk 2
Meaning of the dream: deal unproductive

wife giving birth 32
Description: self confidence

giving birth to a male 19
Interpretation of the dream: need for choice

giving birth to a dead 66
Translation: new friends

giving birth to a monster 67
Dream description: willingness relentless

Sheep giving birth 7
Meaning: important awards

dormer empty or used as storage 48
Translation of the dream: hatred secret

ragged dress 17
Interpretation: bad reputation

filthy rags 45
Sense of the dream: inner joy

amass rags 43
What does it mean: ill-intentioned people

applaud a tragedy 81
Meaning of the dream: improvement in business

bale of rags 88
Description: knowledge important

asparagus 4
Interpretation of the dream: success

eat asparagus 21
Translation: disease subsided or confidence that will be exacerbated

asparagus not caught 68
Dream description: success of enterprise

actor who is a tragedy 16
Meaning: sadness

Birch alcoholic beverage 37
Translation of the dream: infirmity

eat borage (medicinal herb) 36
Interpretation: be freed from noise and promptness in business