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Giving rose to a sick. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream giving rose to a sick. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

giving rose to a sick 58
Meaning of the dream: bad omen

console a sick 16
Description: frankness and generosity

dress a sick 28
Interpretation of the dream: ferment of energy

wail of a sick 3
Translation: reconciliation with relatives

grasshoppers for a sick 33
Dream description: good luck

Doctor visiting a sick 63
Meaning: fruitful achievements

take a sick 76
Translation of the dream: quiet life

embrace a sick 13
Interpretation: Deception by friends

operate a sick 26
Sense of the dream: change activity

sustain a sick 9
What does it mean: self confidence

bishop at a sick 57
Meaning of the dream: damage and loss

priest at a sick 15
Description: overcome difficulties

giving mussels 73
Interpretation of the dream: happiness and peace

sick child 26
Translation: risk of theft

giving a piggy bank 71
Dream description: Good news coming

giving to sleep 89
Meaning: initiative

sick emperor 16
Translation of the dream: economic concerns

Archbishop sick 62
Interpretation: evil-minded friends

stretcher sick 21
Sense of the dream: sacrifices for sentimental reasons

sick Carthusian 57
What does it mean: a special message has been given to you from the spiritual realm

caring for a sick 22
Meaning of the dream: emotional instability

watch a sick 46
Description: New delicate assignments

sick healing 10
Interpretation of the dream: period of enormous challenges

bless a sick 51
Translation: fluke

sick Franciscan 36
Dream description: failure of proposals

sick 26
Meaning: sadness or grief

sick ass 90
Translation of the dream: clarification as to give

giving a satin 58
Interpretation: novelty joyful

baby food for a sick 90
Sense of the dream: fighting energy

sick conscript 47
What does it mean: amorous adventures

a sick lie down 86
Meaning of the dream: suspicions and jealousies

sick to your doctor 13
Description: danger of leakage

sick at the hospital 45
Interpretation of the dream: sudden trip

sick who laughs 51
Translation: dangerous presumption

sick of teeth 5
Dream description: marriage, inheritance, profitable business

sick with the priest 90
Meaning: Dangerous Liaisons

sick at home 76
Translation of the dream: struggles with relatives

sick horse 34
Interpretation: situation tense and confused

sick with the nun 23
Sense of the dream: good marriages

Boy Scout sick 53
What does it mean: Guilt

see sick 78
Meaning of the dream: coldness in love

presentation giving 80
Description: organizational capacity

giving lover 76
Interpretation of the dream: assertion of will

brilliant giving 76
Translation: better future

rose without thorns 90
Dream description: unreal situation

sick student 14
Meaning: unreasonable obstinacy

sick brother 36
Translation of the dream: coldness in love

sick needy 12
Interpretation: strengthened relationships

visit sick 64
Sense of the dream: liberation from regret

Abbess sick 26
What does it mean: denotes joy

stay sick 33
Meaning of the dream: trouble from relatives

sick convict 90
Description: earned success

hydrophobic sick 48
Interpretation of the dream: pleasure, joy, wealth in proportion to the extension of the earth

ill resigned 6
Translation: happy realization