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Give the pear juice. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream give the pear juice. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

prickly pear 2
Meaning of the dream: pleasure trip

branch pear 86
Description: sadness and discontent

core of pear 7
Interpretation of the dream: loss of money

pear tree 3
Translation: you will live a love story very complicated

slice of pear 11
Dream description: interesting experiences

pear blossom 27
Meaning: exaggerated enthusiasm

cooked pear 1
Translation of the dream: acuity of judgment

pear dessert 55
Interpretation: new events

juice 21
Sense of the dream: life long

drink juice 77
What does it mean: fulfillment of your desires

drinking juice 72
Meaning of the dream: discovery of lies

Orange juice 8
Description: wounds, pains

washtub with juice 30
Interpretation of the dream: healing is not certain

pomegranate juice 85
Translation: reward for their work

tarnish drink a juice 52
Dream description: you always want the best without straining

drink the juice of apples 36
Meaning: fatigue

orange drink a juice 52
Translation of the dream: you always want the best without straining

fresh orange juice 17
Interpretation: experience fun

give 28
Sense of the dream: It must give more in some relationship or situation

give away 3
What does it mean: generosity toward others

give up 60
Meaning of the dream: you act too inconsiderately

give about 53
Description: imaginative projects

give a dress 4
Interpretation of the dream: clarity of ideas

give a bathrobe 12
Translation: presumption

give a lighter 70
Dream description: weak character

give away a watercolor 4
Meaning: excessive shyness

give agenda 35
Translation of the dream: illusory mirages

give away album 51
Interpretation: reconciliation

give warning 33
Sense of the dream: amiability in contacts with others

give laurel 4
What does it mean: caution at work

give a ring 44
Meaning of the dream: triumph over difficulties

give whaling 46
Description: excessive fatigue

give the doll 32
Interpretation of the dream: necessary appeasement

give the blessing 89
Translation: need for economies

give the Bible 60
Dream description: sensitivity of mind

give biscuits 69
Meaning: exploitation by friends

give a mouthpiece 89
Translation of the dream: understanding from friends

give the bag 10
Interpretation: serenity of spirit

give a bracelet 4
Sense of the dream: petty reactions

give the pitcher 2
What does it mean: unnecessary expenses

give an account 75
Meaning of the dream: everything will be for the best in the business

give coffee 18
Description: successes

give calendar 9
Interpretation of the dream: conciliatory spirit

give a calming 20
Translation: amazement

give the camellia 40
Dream description: business not serious

give a cameo 46
Meaning: removed fears

give the deposit 44
Translation of the dream: excellent directives