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Give swimsuit. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream give swimsuit. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

swimsuit 8
Meaning of the dream: great sensitivity

plunge in swimsuit 60
Description: desire for freedom

give clothes 30
Interpretation of the dream: diplomacy and tact

give a picture 66
Translation: dangerous physical weakness

give the brooch 15
Dream description: union lucky

give carpet 8
Meaning: issues of interest

give peaches 45
Translation of the dream: obstacles overcome

give saltshaker 10
Interpretation: friendships concerned

give stole 16
Sense of the dream: intrigue hidden

give curls 63
What does it mean: love declaration

give warning 33
Meaning of the dream: amiability in contacts with others

give coins 40
Description: distrust of the next

give jewelry 47
Interpretation of the dream: disagreement with a loved one

give daffodils 68
Translation: surprise sentimental

give emerald 86
Dream description: insincerity of relatives

give violets 24
Meaning: agreement with your loved one

give the pitcher 2
Translation of the dream: unnecessary expenses

give the umbrella 81
Interpretation: pleasant meeting

give an overcoat 15
Sense of the dream: new experiences

give a keychain 16
What does it mean: economic difficulties

give silverware 55
Meaning of the dream: situation being improved

give an appliance 3
Description: disagreements in the family

give laurel 4
Interpretation of the dream: caution at work

give biscuits 69
Translation: exploitation by friends

give orchids 86
Dream description: emotional satisfaction

give vocabulary 84
Meaning: encouraging results

give primroses 8
Translation of the dream: malicious gossip

give suitcase 19
Interpretation: unexpected support

give calendar 9
Sense of the dream: conciliatory spirit

give fan 57
What does it mean: burst of enthusiasm

give an object 89
Meaning of the dream: Understanding easy and favorable

give a watch 62
Description: crushing disappointment of love

give the cake 8
Interpretation of the dream: precarious economic situation

give a shawl 54
Translation: waste of energy

give the snuff 42
Dream description: depression and anxiety

give the children 29
Meaning: bad news

give a glass 9
Translation of the dream: Coincidentally

give hydrangea 64
Interpretation: probably your promises are false

give a pipe 73
Sense of the dream: faithful friendships

give Mandarin 42
What does it mean: You have excellent work references

give the bag 10
Meaning of the dream: serenity of spirit

give coffee 18
Description: successes

give the rack 17
Interpretation of the dream: stubbornness

give the broom 86
Translation: unscrupulous attitudes

give a topaz 86
Dream description: trouble with relatives

give agenda 35
Meaning: illusory mirages

give nougat 19
Translation of the dream: good wishes

give a foal 65
Interpretation: Negative thoughts

give to friends 1
Sense of the dream: to overcome fears

give a dress 4
What does it mean: clarity of ideas

give the peony 5
Meaning of the dream: love declaration

give a pen 83
Description: painful contrasts

give an address 8
Interpretation of the dream: vivid imagination

give the doll 32
Translation: necessary appeasement

give a signal 8
Dream description: lull in the activity

give the paint 59
Meaning: popular initiatives