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Give birth to. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream give birth to. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

give birth to 8
Meaning of the dream: next joy

give birth to twins 14

give birth to a son 7
Interpretation of the dream: complete success in all things

give birth in the car 59

give birth in hospital 3

give birth in the country 15

give birth on ship 65

give birth in the street 62

give birth (dreamed by man) 1
Sense of the dream: gain, wealth and profit to be achieved before long time

give birth to a female 28

give birth in train 72

give birth to a daughter 66
Description: joy, dancing, feasting, followed by fears and pains

giving birth to a child 75
Interpretation of the dream: delusions of grandeur

giving birth to a fish 36
Translation: son poor health

giving birth to a male 19

giving birth to a monster 67

giving birth to a dead 66

give birth eagle 11
Interpretation: greatness, prosperity, reputation for the unborn

cat giving birth 8

wife giving birth 32

Queen giving birth 59

cow giving birth 45
Description: interesting novelty

give to friends 1

Sheep giving birth 7

give bail 55

arsenic give 76

give advice 31
Translation of the dream: needs action

give clothes 30
Interpretation: diplomacy and tact

give an account 75
Sense of the dream: everything will be for the best in the business

give warning 33
What does it mean: amiability in contacts with others

give slaps 61
Meaning of the dream: ambition and pride

give a tip 60
Description: distrust exaggerated

give primroses 8
Interpretation of the dream: malicious gossip

give to drink 2
Translation: artistic interests

give a glass 9
Dream description: Coincidentally

give a picture 66
Meaning: dangerous physical weakness

give the arm 7
Translation of the dream: new proposals favorable

give the bag 10
Interpretation: serenity of spirit

give a pen 83
Sense of the dream: painful contrasts

give a foal 65
What does it mean: Negative thoughts

give an address 8
Meaning of the dream: vivid imagination

give a signal 8
Description: lull in the activity

give the paint 59
Interpretation of the dream: popular initiatives

give the peony 5
Translation: love declaration

give a stab 77
Dream description: triumph over enemies

give to superior 90

give the brooch 15
Translation of the dream: union lucky

rip give 10

give a command 73
Sense of the dream: unnecessary waiting

give 28
What does it mean: It must give more in some relationship or situation

give slippers 23
Meaning of the dream: clear ideas and positive

give gifts 47
Description: high hopes

giving help 80
Interpretation of the dream: pleasant surprises

give a kick to others 11
Translation: I do not venture out in a matter that does not concern you

give alms 15
Dream description: be lucky

give feathers 17
Meaning: painful emotional crisis

give plums 54
Translation of the dream: peace in the family

give carpet 8
Interpretation: issues of interest

give tulips 38
Sense of the dream: emotional satisfaction

whip give 81

give about 53

give beatings 68
Description: excesses to be avoided

give word 45
Interpretation of the dream: expenses can not be delayed