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Give away zucchini. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream give away zucchini. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

eat zucchini 69
Meaning of the dream: tough character stingy closed

flour zucchini 56
Description: new ideas to be realized

fried zucchini 43
Interpretation of the dream: rudeness and arrogance

zucchini 23
Translation: do not cut down

give away a watercolor 4
Dream description: excessive shyness

give away album 51
Meaning: reconciliation

give away 3
Translation of the dream: generosity toward others

give away liquor 4
Interpretation: you are very insecure

Earring give it away 81
Sense of the dream: health in danger

give books 78
What does it mean: high hopes

give clothes 30
Meaning of the dream: diplomacy and tact

give primroses 8
Description: malicious gossip

give a picture 66
Interpretation of the dream: dangerous physical weakness

give the bag 10
Translation: serenity of spirit

give a foal 65
Dream description: Negative thoughts

give to friends 1
Meaning: to overcome fears

give the peony 5
Translation of the dream: love declaration

give to superior 90
Interpretation: protection or elevated to a prominent place

give the brooch 15
Sense of the dream: union lucky

harp give it away 74
What does it mean: beware of appearances

Leaning give it away 5
Meaning of the dream: Fortunately in small business

orchid give it away 37
Description: You are resisting some bad situation

etiquette give it away 90
Interpretation of the dream: faithful friends

give word 45
Translation: expenses can not be delayed

arsenic give 76
Dream description: sudden way out

give slippers 23
Meaning: clear ideas and positive

rip give 10
Translation of the dream: new friends

give bail 55
Interpretation: being quiet

give birth to 8
Sense of the dream: next joy

give feathers 17
What does it mean: painful emotional crisis

give plums 54
Meaning of the dream: peace in the family

give carpet 8
Description: issues of interest

give tulips 38
Interpretation of the dream: emotional satisfaction

give advice 31
Translation: needs action

give peaches 45
Dream description: obstacles overcome

give saltshaker 10
Meaning: friendships concerned

give chess 16
Translation of the dream: agreement sentimental

give an account 75
Interpretation: everything will be for the best in the business

give warning 33
Sense of the dream: amiability in contacts with others

give stole 16
What does it mean: intrigue hidden

give curls 63
Meaning of the dream: love declaration

give slaps 61
Description: ambition and pride

give coins 40
Interpretation of the dream: distrust of the next

give jewelry 47
Translation: disagreement with a loved one

give daffodils 68
Dream description: surprise sentimental

give emerald 86
Meaning: insincerity of relatives

give violets 24
Translation of the dream: agreement with your loved one

give a tip 60
Interpretation: distrust exaggerated

give the pitcher 2
Sense of the dream: unnecessary expenses

give the necklace 74
What does it mean: impulsive actions

give the umbrella 81
Meaning of the dream: pleasant meeting

give an overcoat 15
Description: new experiences

give a keychain 16
Interpretation of the dream: economic difficulties