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Girlfriend indifferent. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream girlfriend indifferent. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

duped girlfriend 15
Meaning of the dream: displeasure family

indifferent 9
Description: in labor disputes

suspect's girlfriend 32
Interpretation of the dream: contrasts to overcome

ensure girlfriend 80
Translation: Discussions with friends

pamper girlfriend 81
Dream description: compromise deal

girlfriend who takes drugs 54
Meaning: failure in business

commit himself to girlfriend 9
Translation of the dream: physical

betray his girlfriend 82
Interpretation: errors of judgment

away from girlfriend 23
Sense of the dream: want to share in your joys of others

married with girlfriend 51
What does it mean: superficial knowledge

girl 1
Meaning of the dream: Ideas, dreams and enthusiasm for life

unsympathetic attitude 54
Description: attitudes too decided

apathy 60
Interpretation of the dream: good things will be at hand

pregnant girl 44
Translation: new ideas to be realized

student listless 17
Dream description: prudence with documents

lacking respect 80
Meaning: protection from family

careless person 52
Translation of the dream: period of confusion

wreathe bride 75
Interpretation: concerns ending

wedding veil 7
Sense of the dream: resourcefulness exaggerated

dress up as a bride 61
What does it mean: displeasure

little person 80
Meaning of the dream: you are recovering some situation that was out of control

little brush 12
Description: desire to drive out the problems

little joke 19
Interpretation of the dream: great improvements

take a fancy to bride 75
Translation: Hidden Danger

Mermaid 42
Dream description: harmful feminine seduction

rent a wedding dress 5
Meaning: small losses

little hand 62
Translation of the dream: someone needs your help

church with bride and groom 54
Interpretation: hidden enemies

small print 49
Sense of the dream: power increase

small bottle 11
What does it mean: next gains

small town 82
Meaning of the dream: something that is happening you do not like

small room 80
Description: sense of responsibility

petty cash 23
Interpretation of the dream: outputs from your isolation

small house 11
Translation: new initiatives

small groove 55
Dream description: trip

small trumpet 10
Meaning: revelations of secrets

small grass 45
Translation of the dream: excellent prospects

small mice 37
Interpretation: morbid anxieties

small door 49
Sense of the dream: sad thoughts

small boiler 23
What does it mean: unanticipated changes

small waterfall 5
Meaning of the dream: patience and tolerance

Parrot small 6
Description: visits to relatives

small plant 79
Interpretation of the dream: adventurous temperament

small sip 70
Translation: good luck in business

small head 37
Dream description: secret love

small suitcase 59
Meaning: quarrels with relatives

small key 1
Translation of the dream: letter good

small letter 41
Interpretation: do the unnecessary expenses

little tongue 8
Sense of the dream: new charge of vitality

small coin 65
What does it mean: insults and attempts at deception

small clock 56
Meaning of the dream: threats and the need to fight

small pomegranate 60
Description: little passion in love

small church 6
Interpretation of the dream: melancholy and depression