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Giraffe bear. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream giraffe bear. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

giraffe 50
Meaning of the dream: wild instinct freedom and rationality

having a giraffe 49
Description: careful not to make mistakes in life's trials

become a giraffe 16
Interpretation of the dream: You are taking advantage of bad opportunities and occasions

puppy giraffe 74
Translation: need for new knowledge

fat giraffe 8
Dream description: tired of his present life

giraffe that runs 50
Meaning: too much confidence

Giraffe eating 17
Translation of the dream: need to fill in the gaps

giraffe drinking 8
Interpretation: too lightly and little involvement in things

giraffe at the zoo 16
Sense of the dream: do you treasure the experience of others

Giraffe in a courtyard 21
What does it mean: attached to the family

pregnant giraffe 72
Meaning of the dream: conflictual relationship with children

embrace a giraffe 87
Description: little attention from an important person

dead giraffe 45
Interpretation of the dream: new perspectives and big changes

giraffe in a cage 70
Translation: you are free to decide

Giraffe speaking 36
Dream description: message of your subconscious

Giraffe at home 32
Meaning: little rationality in choices in your choices

small giraffe 56
Translation of the dream: childhood with few friends

ride a giraffe 68
Interpretation: desire for attention

giraffe as a pet 60
Sense of the dream: a nearby person is extremely arrogant

petting a giraffe 61
What does it mean: too much clutter in your work

catch a giraffe 26
Meaning of the dream: ideals are not always brought to conclusion

Giraffe chased the lions 9
Description: important people to you mistreated

giraffe with a very long neck 6
Interpretation of the dream: look around with distrust

giraffe bends his head 14
Translation: good luck

Giraffe aggressive biting 66
Dream description: thorny situation that you can not solve

Giraffe surrounded by people 56
Meaning: too your selfishness

bear 89
Translation of the dream: envy

see a bear 10
Interpretation: powerful enemies, rich, bold, cruel, but little skilled

to bear 55
Sense of the dream: envy

bear a burden 46
What does it mean: shocking revelation

bear a responsibility 15
Meaning of the dream: presumption

bear a fault 4
Description: pitfall exceeded

White Bear 10
Interpretation of the dream: requited love

black bear 63
Translation: contempt of danger

Brown bear 67
Dream description: much work and little gain

bear in the zoo 76
Meaning: Reports tiring

performing bear 16
Translation of the dream: sincerity of feelings

wild bear 24
Interpretation: inability to concentrate

angry bear 35
Sense of the dream: Late remedies

the bear hunt 43
What does it mean: call for help

dead bear 19
Meaning of the dream: understanding and altruism

bear skin 38
Description: fickle temperament

Bear constellation 79
Interpretation of the dream: impatience with delays

being attacked by a bear 29
Translation: persecution from which you ll come out well despite little hope

being persecuted by bear 40
Dream description: unexpected things will happen

kill the bear 47
Meaning: victory over your enemies

see themselves transformed into a bear 71
Translation of the dream: bad news

bear news 27
Interpretation: that problem is solved

bear gifts 81
Sense of the dream: need for caution

bear letters 26
What does it mean: secret to keep

bear a document 4
Meaning of the dream: Luckily the game

bear a plot 84

Bear dancing 6

Bear eating 10

bear in cage 46