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Gift priest. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream gift priest. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

reject a gift 65
Meaning of the dream: obstinacy

gift 3
Description: reward

priest 22
Interpretation of the dream: little sincerity in the family or partner

Gift silver 11
Translation: conduct changeable and inconstant

postpone a gift 1
Dream description: haughtiness

deserved gift 66
Meaning: good luck

old priest 78
Translation of the dream: altruism

unwrapping a gift 72
Interpretation: deceptive illusion

expensive gift 8
Sense of the dream: enabling environment

unexpected gift 90
What does it mean: gift required

priest killed 15
Meaning of the dream: do not waste time on things not conducive

reciprocate a gift 10
Description: sudden change

offer a gift 73
Interpretation of the dream: careless actions

receive a gift 31
Translation: delight

make a gift 16
Dream description: precipitous actions

Send a gift 7
Meaning: tormenting suspicions

buy a gift 40
Translation of the dream: momentary discouragement

useful gift 56
Interpretation: imprudent adventures

Gift gold 2
Sense of the dream: business proposals

gift from a child 90
What does it mean: tribulations

gift from a man 14
Meaning of the dream: good view, happy

promise a gift 45
Description: important meetings

Gift useless 70
Interpretation of the dream: important decision

receive gems gift 37
Translation: unhappiness

priest died 11
Dream description: imminent danger

brave priest 28
Meaning: security and tranquility

priest at a sick 15
Translation of the dream: overcome difficulties

priest who blesses 41
Interpretation: esthetic sense

priest who confesses 63
Sense of the dream: understanding for others

priest at the altar 43
What does it mean: providential aid

collar priest 14
Meaning of the dream: bright ideas

abuse priest 22
Description: disappointment in love

priest to the cemetery 69
Interpretation of the dream: rapid business

guillotine priest 50
Translation: oppositions in business

buckle priest 69
Dream description: important decision to postpone

priest who scandalizes 4
Meaning: no confidence in people

priest in love 78
Translation of the dream: problems at work

priest at a funeral 86
Interpretation: new energy

modest gift 82
Sense of the dream: sincere affection

priest who teaches 10
What does it mean: excellent proposals

priest baptizes 16
Meaning of the dream: new hope

priest who preaches 61
Description: good relationships with others

priest in procession 79
Interpretation of the dream: lasting success

birthday gift 77
Translation: economic hardship

receive vessels in gift 5
Dream description: you will be loved

priest wounded 10
Meaning: restlessness and dissatisfaction

gift from a woman 52
Translation of the dream: friendship

gift from a girl 6
Interpretation: contrariness

generous gift 38
Sense of the dream: contrasts and bitterness

sick with the priest 90
What does it mean: Dangerous Liaisons

hat priest 3
Meaning of the dream: bad mood

priest reading 6
Description: good organization

58 - Smorfia classic: gift 58

clothing priest 47
Translation: insecurity

priest with children 37
Dream description: Understanding affective

pretend priest 5
Meaning: careless actions