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Getting lost in the countryside. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream getting lost in the countryside. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

getting lost in the countryside 80
Meaning of the dream: tiring journey

turn in the countryside 4
Description: goal reached

stopping in the countryside 78
Interpretation of the dream: full success in every engagement

dancing in the countryside 60
Translation: false hopes

Chicken in the countryside 21
Dream description: serenity and balance

hat from the countryside 1
Meaning: discouragement exaggerated

walk in the countryside 11
Translation of the dream: award-winning work

muddy in the countryside 35
Interpretation: careless actions

owl in the countryside 8
Sense of the dream: deception avoided

villa in the countryside 17
What does it mean: peace of mind

laze in the countryside 81
Meaning of the dream: unpleasant surprises

bivouac in the countryside 15
Description: satisfactions by a son

look at the countryside 59
Interpretation of the dream: innocence, famine

lunch in the countryside 46
Translation: ambiguous behavior

eating in countryside 9
Dream description: quarrels with family

picnic in the countryside 88
Meaning: small contrasts

scour the countryside 9
Translation of the dream: great sensitivity

enjoy the countryside 74
Interpretation: surprises from relatives

breakfast in the countryside 32
Sense of the dream: physically fit

travel to the countryside 25
What does it mean: self drive

shitting in the countryside 59
Meaning of the dream: unexpected good news

plunder the countryside 46
Description: inner torments

getting lost in the dark 45
Interpretation of the dream: goodness of mind

view of the countryside 13
Translation: love life serene

walking in the countryside 70
Dream description: evidence of genuine affection

get lost in the city 44
Meaning: much luck and useful meetings

sunny countryside 82
Translation of the dream: important meetings

get lost in the forest 17
Interpretation: project that is successful

get lost in the fog 69
Sense of the dream: suspicions unjust

barren countryside 44
What does it mean: lack of momentum

countryside 51
Meaning of the dream: serenity of spirit, plenty

get lost in the catacombs 9
Description: important meetings

to go to the countryside 67
Interpretation of the dream: look for more serenity at work

lost 1
Translation: rapid business

country air 43
Dream description: meetings irritants

field trip 14
Meaning: gain safe

country house 14
Translation of the dream: realization of desires

being lost in a bazaar 80
Interpretation: imprudent character

retire to the country 53
Sense of the dream: disillusion

lost in a cane 15
What does it mean: discontent passengers

lost in vice 66
Meaning of the dream: good friendship

lost in a dungeon 82
Description: embarrassing experience

lost in the desert 11
Interpretation of the dream: suffer much for your insulation

watering a field 66
Translation: good business

across a field 35
Dream description: unexpected economic entry

Flood a field 32
Meaning: economic hardship

beans in the field 21
Translation of the dream: tenacious rancor

lost on the road 41
Interpretation: You are able to achieve the desired results

farmer in the field 25
Sense of the dream: material successes

lose courage 87
What does it mean: radical change

potatoes in the field 82
Meaning of the dream: happy hours and serene

turnips in the field 67
Description: sustainable prosperity

lost to park 66
Interpretation of the dream: errors of assessment

field blooming 11
Translation: success in personal problems

curl up on the ground 16
Dream description: unrealizable fantasies

uncultivated field 23
Meaning: patience with the young

plowed field 62
Translation of the dream: uncontrolled reactions