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Get your feet gangrenous. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream get your feet gangrenous. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

feet 3
Meaning of the dream: next a trip or the departure of a few family

have many feet 2
Description: good wishes

burn your feet 25
Interpretation of the dream: protections required

burning at the feet 37
Translation: new openings in business

stomp your feet 74
Dream description: risk of theft

freezing at the feet 80
Meaning: changes in position

feet finger 6
Translation of the dream: happy union

freeze your feet 35
Interpretation: bad success of a deal

chilblains on feet 45
Sense of the dream: important meeting

stepping on someone's feet 19
What does it mean: squabbles interest

feet of woman 41
Meaning of the dream: trip thwarted

feet of man 53
Description: favorite trip

swollen feet 86
Interpretation of the dream: mental laziness

cold feet 18
Translation: health recovery

feet with calluses 81
Dream description: failure to repair

point your feet 8
Meaning: necessary adjustments

feet kiss those of other 3
Translation of the dream: you will regret, confession humiliating behavior change

feet of birds 70
Interpretation: good friends

see the feet of their children 5
Sense of the dream: you will have great sorrows

feet cut 20
What does it mean: infirmity short

cool feet 20
Meaning of the dream: profit slow

warm feet 9
Description: indifference to others

beat your feet 11
Interpretation of the dream: indomitable character

crush with the feet 8
Translation: reasons of dissent

scuff your feet 76
Dream description: embarrassment of choice

burned feet 25
Meaning: excessive ambitions

Stake feet 32

put your feet 8

scratched his feet 81

feet hurt 90

limestone with their feet 67

cover your feet 21

rub your feet 71

smell the hands or feet 51
Translation: hint of madness

feel your feet scrape by someone 2
Dream description: not to listen to flatterers

feet lame or deformed 19
Meaning: infirmity

to get angry about relatives 82
Translation of the dream: disappointments from a friend

get rid of a trouble 86
Interpretation: fitness

get help 71
Sense of the dream: love carefree

get on a plateau 9
What does it mean: unexpected help

get off a plateau 51
Meaning of the dream: deceptions secrets

get up 79
Description: earnings

getting out of bed 49
Interpretation of the dream: bad intentions

get up from the chair 41
Translation: discomforts passengers

get up from the armchair 71
Dream description: surprises with money

get up off the ground 38
Meaning: inconsistency in work

get up early 4
Translation of the dream: inner tranquility

get up late 48
Interpretation: nostalgia of love

get a ring 65
Sense of the dream: failed attempt at reconciliation

watering a vegetable garden 90
What does it mean: love of money

getting bored 51
Meaning of the dream: search by activity to improve your position

get an appointment 58
Description: happy news

get on the bus 51
Interpretation of the dream: hopes for their children

bench vegetables 10
Translation: poor luck

get up the collar 18
Dream description: sense of justice

target 58
Meaning: requited love

pull the target 8
Translation of the dream: emotions and desires

hit a target 71
Interpretation: independence and originality

look for a target 12
Sense of the dream: experience of suffering

get into a dive 22
What does it mean: poor luck

get on your bike 33
Meaning of the dream: novelty worrying

boil vegetables 61
Description: position ensured

vegetable shop 78
Interpretation of the dream: poor luck

getting lost in the dark 45
Translation: goodness of mind