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Get off the mattress. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream get off the mattress. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

mattress 1
Meaning of the dream: little happy omen, disease

old mattress 40
Description: advice to accept

new mattress 72
Interpretation of the dream: interior renovations

August mattress 75
Translation: trouble women

wool mattress 24
Dream description: inner restlessness

horsehair mattress 10
Meaning: health hazard

foam mattress 45
Translation of the dream: feelings uncertain

dirty mattress 60
Interpretation: efforts rewarded

double mattress 50
Sense of the dream: union firm

turning a mattress 45
What does it mean: health concerns

mattress face 29
Meaning of the dream: false friends or servants

quilting mattress 27
Description: intimate concerns

comfortable mattress 65
Interpretation of the dream: successful completion of tests

straw mattress 64
Translation: Gain Process

tow mattress 42
Dream description: prosperity and well-being

hard mattress 71
Meaning: inner restlessness

soft mattress 18
Translation of the dream: cut ties with someone negative

uncomfortable mattress 54
Interpretation: decisions, courage

to get angry about relatives 82
Sense of the dream: disappointments from a friend

get rid of a trouble 86
What does it mean: fitness

get help 71
Meaning of the dream: love carefree

get on a plateau 9
Description: unexpected help

get off a plateau 51
Interpretation of the dream: deceptions secrets

get up 79
Translation: earnings

getting out of bed 49
Dream description: bad intentions

get up from the chair 41
Meaning: discomforts passengers

get up from the armchair 71
Translation of the dream: surprises with money

get up off the ground 38
Interpretation: inconsistency in work

get up early 4
Sense of the dream: inner tranquility

get up late 48
What does it mean: nostalgia of love

get a ring 65
Meaning of the dream: failed attempt at reconciliation

getting bored 51
Description: search by activity to improve your position

get an appointment 58
Interpretation of the dream: happy news

get on the bus 51
Translation: hopes for their children

bench vegetables 10
Dream description: poor luck

get up the collar 18
Meaning: sense of justice

target 58
Translation of the dream: requited love

pull the target 8
Interpretation: emotions and desires

hit a target 71
Sense of the dream: independence and originality

look for a target 12
What does it mean: experience of suffering

get into a dive 22
Meaning of the dream: poor luck

get on your bike 33
Description: novelty worrying

boil vegetables 61
Interpretation of the dream: position ensured

vegetable shop 78
Translation: poor luck

getting lost in the dark 45
Dream description: goodness of mind

get angry 56
Meaning: tranquility of mind

get on a ship 88
Translation of the dream: health

get a toy as a gift 3
Interpretation: happiness