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Garters new. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream garters new. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

garters new 4
Meaning of the dream: dangerous temptations

garters old 16
Description: support and protection

garters broken 74
Interpretation of the dream: Will rising

adjust the garters 64
Translation: favorable solutions

nibs new 70
Dream description: News coming soon

new bleachers 76
Meaning: good cooperation

suspenders 50
Translation of the dream: dangerous temptations

new wrappers 20
Interpretation: proposals fallacious

new slippers 19
Sense of the dream: disagreements with loved ones

new socks 1
What does it mean: unworkable ideas

new glazed 80
Meaning of the dream: intrigue from foil

adorn themselves with new things 13
Description: great good news waiting for you within a very short time

new carpet 21
Interpretation of the dream: good deals

lining new 75
Translation: pipe dreams

new livery 64
Dream description: sense of justice and humanity

new aqueduct 41
Meaning: envy of relatives

new cemetery 12
Translation of the dream: good friendship nearby

new vocabulary 56
Interpretation: errors of assessment

new bra 2
Sense of the dream: meeting of interest

new century 77
What does it mean: willingness swinging

new pants 34
Meaning of the dream: delusions of grandeur

new drivers 12
Description: anxieties and fears passing

new coat 1
Interpretation of the dream: impositions of relatives

new pocketbook 57
Translation: need to defend themselves

new bolt 89
Dream description: useful and faithful friendships

new building 67
Meaning: gain and well-paid job

new hat 8
Translation of the dream: diplomacy and cunning

new tool 4
Interpretation: embarrassment of choice

new razor 24
Sense of the dream: tranquility disturbed

friendship new 23
What does it mean: little ailments

new doll 16
Meaning of the dream: bad projects

new jacket 16
Description: economic difficulties

new tent 89
Interpretation of the dream: physical fatigue

new stretcher 40
Translation: important relationships

new cannon 13
Dream description: serious trouble

new wine 85
Meaning: favorable relationships

new world 38
Translation of the dream: validated reports

new village 11
Interpretation: desire for detente

new convent 29
Sense of the dream: expect great wealth

new wheelbarrow 4
What does it mean: evidence of trust

new piano 15
Meaning of the dream: conquest exciting

new bicycle 48
Description: extreme sensitivity

new slide 9
Interpretation of the dream: joys family

new sofa 88
Translation: good health

new container 26
Dream description: solid supports

new fiasco 73
Meaning: satisfactions by a son

new farm 13
Translation of the dream: uncertainty of tomorrow

towel new 38
Interpretation: exaggerated ambition

new blouse 40
Sense of the dream: find difficulties to organize your schedule

see the new mother 9
What does it mean: you will not have many children

see out the brand new banknotes 77
Meaning of the dream: Traveling with danger fast and inherent dangers

Garter stockings 5
Description: dualism embarrassing

a new piece of furniture 70
Interpretation of the dream: you are looking for stability and certainty