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Frozen stream. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream frozen stream. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

frozen 86

frozen meat 24
Description: falsehood and deceit

frozen snow 70
Interpretation of the dream: doubts tormenting

frozen to death 48

frozen fish 81

frozen chips 82
Meaning: problems with family

Alpine frozen to death 36

frozen to death in the mountains 25

frozen to death in the snow 65

up stream 75
What does it mean: attachment to the habits

bathe in a stream 10
Meaning of the dream: luck of long duration

dry stream 52
Description: indecision harmful

stream with fish 15
Interpretation of the dream: abundance of goods

bathing in a stream 5
Translation: health recovery

step over a stream 50
Dream description: sudden rise

broad stream 23
Meaning: prosperity and order

fast stream 85
Translation of the dream: bad business

stream in the mountains 55
Interpretation: gossip and slander

overflowing stream 45
Sense of the dream: obstacles and difficulties

watch a stream 7
What does it mean: businesses safe

fall into the stream 80
Meaning of the dream: obstacles and contrasts

boiling stream 45

clear stream 11

the mouth of the stream 29

margin of stream 31
Dream description: you have a lot of positivity

stream with water 33

walk over mountain stream 19
Translation of the dream: unexpected help from relatives

stream with clear water 2
Interpretation: good health

stream with muddy water 51
Sense of the dream: fight with family

paper streamer 36
What does it mean: trouble passengers

mistreating children 55
Meaning of the dream: bad news

mistreat your spouse 89
Description: family disputes

mistreat employees 64
Interpretation of the dream: measures to be taken

mistreat children 87
Translation: Possible surprises

mistreating parents 10
Dream description: serious internal conflict

mistreat brothers 5
Meaning: collaboration hampered

mistreat friends 90
Translation of the dream: postponement of projects

mistreat old 63
Interpretation: sudden sorrows

mistreat animals 25
Sense of the dream: resolutions weak

mistreatment 25
What does it mean: quarrels with people at home

streamers 69
Meaning of the dream: get rid of a burden

streaky 14
Description: challenging tasks

streaky in box 36
Interpretation of the dream: challenging tasks

buy the streaky 42
Translation: lack of objectivity

eat streaky 25
Dream description: end of a concern

cook streaky 82
Meaning: important relationships

mistreating the relatives 76

mistreat servants 79

mistreat her husband 41

mistreat her stepfather 77

referee mistreated 57