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Frolicking with a minor. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream frolicking with a minor. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

frolicking with a minor 23
Meaning of the dream: demonstration of disloyalty

frolicking with a prostitute 4
Description: betrayal close

frolicking with soldiers 79
Interpretation of the dream: joy and wealth

frolicking with a religious 22
Translation: Deception next

frolicking with boyfriend 43
Dream description: important news

frolicking with a man 51
Meaning: unforeseen expenses

frolicking with lovers 38
Translation of the dream: emotional relationships stormy

frolicking with relatives 39
Interpretation: harsh winter lack of money

underage 2
Sense of the dream: demonstration of disloyalty

frolicking with old 84
What does it mean: joy and gain

guardian of a minor 26
Meaning of the dream: momentary separation

hunting small game 46
Description: bad intentions

small cattle 9
Interpretation of the dream: good address, success in love or in a deal any

shorter healing 31
Translation: successful projects

playing with the dog 89
Dream description: Good news

younger brother 28
Meaning: disagreement with his father

younger sister 28
Translation of the dream: disagreement with her mother

Retail 59
Interpretation: need commitment

flirt with an employee 2
Sense of the dream: danger close

flirt with a woman 81
What does it mean: slander dangerous

low Italy 90
Meaning of the dream: physical fatigue

child playing with you 80
Description: you have not forgotten the naivete

burst with joy 68
Interpretation of the dream: economic disadvantages

retail business 22
Translation: flattery interested

dance with a man 81
Dream description: development of good business

cat toying with them 5
Meaning: you will be attacked by thieves

dance with the animals 61
Translation of the dream: small differences

kangaroo with small 18
Interpretation: perfect agreement sentimental

playing with dogs 48
Sense of the dream: greed

dancing with her lover 5
What does it mean: whims expensive

romp with her mother 37
Meaning of the dream: New relationship important

playing with fire 67
Description: desire for independence

play poker with strangers 28
Interpretation of the dream: embarrassments and opposition

hamster playing with wheel 26
Translation: you are not able to make a decision

dance with a woman 10
Dream description: triumph passenger

joking with friends 13
Meaning: hassle by subordinates

dance with light and grace 2
Translation of the dream: friendship and success in business

playing with a pledge 69
Interpretation: fruitful relationships

go with a brother 35
Sense of the dream: self confidence

go with a bishop 20
What does it mean: excitement exaggerated

lower back 10
Meaning of the dream: sorrows short

dance with women 33
Description: passing pleasures

dance with men 47
Interpretation of the dream: deal that goes through

barn together with other birds 28
Translation: loss of wealth

cat with small 11
Dream description: your embarrassments will not succeed

dance with the dead 35
Meaning: many business and little gain

armed with a knife 10
Translation of the dream: small talk

lower 14
Interpretation: sense of inferiority towards others