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Friends jumping. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream friends jumping. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

eel jumping 40
Meaning of the dream: gambling losses

chamois jumping 34
Description: accumulated work to be done

kangaroo jumping 67
Interpretation of the dream: Fortunately variable

kid jumping 41
Translation: inner resources

jumping off the train 50
Dream description: inner dissatisfaction

flea jumping 23
Meaning: sorrows and troubles

toad jumping 8
Translation of the dream: odd news

jumping over a ditch 12
Interpretation: solution of disputes

see frogs jumping 81
Sense of the dream: sorrows

animal jumping 50

deer jumping 22

jockey jumping 25

Cricket jumping 65

Athlete jumping 59

canary jumping 89

sheep jumping 67

jumping sheep 53

homeless man jumping 28

powder keg jumping in the air 10
Sense of the dream: radical change

go with friends 36

have friends 65

liked by friends 44

cause with friends 30

ask friends 19

please friends 2

abandon friends 7
Meaning: intrigues

abandoned by friends 3
Translation of the dream: self-confidence

Take a bite with friends 1
Interpretation: good times

couple friends 84
Sense of the dream: good business

angry with friends 80
What does it mean: pains passengers

lurking Friends 42
Meaning of the dream: joy of long life

agony of friends 32
Description: gossip of neighbors

to house friends 17
Interpretation of the dream: joy in the family

alliance between friends 80
Translation: liberation from weights

stay friends 17
Dream description: joy in family

move away from friends 31
Meaning: mutual intolerance

wrangle with friends 18
Translation of the dream: physical endurance

appearance of friends 59
Interpretation: enthusiasm for new proposals

Arrival friends 29
Sense of the dream: unexpected resistance in acting

Brigade friends 69
What does it mean: lack of sensitivity

grumble with friends 44
Meaning of the dream: more social

embrace friends 89
Description: treachery

friends carouse with them 83
Interpretation of the dream: joy, consolation

cohabit with friends 85
Translation: protections equivocal

breakfast with friends 18
Dream description: good overall performance

locate friends 64
Meaning: momentary difficulties

farewell from friends 64
Translation of the dream: sentimental aspirations

conspiracy to friends 86
Interpretation: thwarted love

surround Friends 88
Sense of the dream: remarkable progress

meeting friends 3
What does it mean: false inspirations

Chat With Friends 87
Meaning of the dream: programs to be reviewed

dinner with friends 82
Description: momentary satisfaction

dialogue between friends 58
Interpretation of the dream: Luckily the game

discord among friends 22
Translation: lack of self-control

dogs known to your friends 46
Dream description: loyalty and courage

conversing with friends 11
Meaning: threat of rain that will damage your plantings

encourage friends 47
Translation of the dream: danger of separation

stop with friends 50
Interpretation: good cooperation

attending friends 78
Sense of the dream: generosity

justified by friends 31
What does it mean: clarity of ideas

meet friends 66
Meaning of the dream: joy and gladness

fool friends 34
Description: vanity exaggerated

arguing with friends 18
Interpretation of the dream: sentimental annoyances

mistreat friends 90
Translation: postponement of projects

Starting Friends 17
Dream description: probable visits

pact with friends 38
Meaning: imprudent steps

lunch with friends 82
Translation of the dream: momentary satisfaction

walk with friends 67
Interpretation: constancy

lawsuit between friends 72
Sense of the dream: vanity and pride

matter between friends 7
What does it mean: strenuous efforts

gathering of friends 78
Meaning of the dream: serenity of spirit

pacify friends 55
Description: success in society

reassure friends 9
Interpretation of the dream: confidences to avoid

reconcile with friends 41
Translation: excessive demands

laugh with friends 19
Dream description: unpleasant news

gather friends 49
Meaning: sympathy reciprocated

rivalry between friends 58
Translation of the dream: nervous tension

revise friends 52
Interpretation: benefit safe