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Fried garlic. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream fried garlic. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

garlic 37
Meaning of the dream: discover secrets and quarrels will arise

see garlic 27
Description: fleeting pleasures

eat garlic 44
Interpretation of the dream: pleasant surprises

collect garlic 65
Translation: meetings

buy garlic 7
Dream description: bad faith

cooked garlic 64
Meaning: reckless speculation

garlic flower 17
Translation of the dream: loss of security

dried garlic 81
Interpretation: sentimental aspirations

sell garlic 12
Sense of the dream: important discovery

hang garlic 72
What does it mean: serious troubles

fresh garlic 61
Meaning of the dream: cheerfulness unjustified

use garlic 16
Description: quarrels with young

fried bread 14
Interpretation of the dream: sentimental disappointment

fried codfish 29
Translation: need to act

head of garlic 16
Dream description: love to be loved

braid of garlic 9
Meaning: unpleasant disputes

fried fish 20
Translation of the dream: malicious slander

clove of garlic 20
Interpretation: good health

chop fried 48
Sense of the dream: pride flattered

fried oil 80
What does it mean: projects contrasted

fried shrimp 10
Meaning of the dream: disputes

fried veal 27
Description: unexpected events

fried liver 21
Interpretation of the dream: positive ideas

fried lamb 57
Translation: period of social unrest

fried dumpling 27
Dream description: tries to fix a bad situation

fresh fried 51
Meaning: disturbing thoughts

fried octopus 55
Translation of the dream: dangerous business

fried pancake 75
Interpretation: danger of leakage

pan with fried 90
Sense of the dream: small waiver

fried offal 12
What does it mean: personal success

fried 47
Meaning of the dream: excellent prospects

fried zucchini 43
Description: rudeness and arrogance

fried eel 75
Interpretation of the dream: well-considered projects

fried brains 5
Translation: lightheartedness

fried donut 49
Dream description: dignity and command

fried mullet 20
Meaning: slander

fried onion 79
Translation of the dream: serious problems in love

mixed fried 87
Interpretation: constancy

fried artichokes 41
Sense of the dream: restlessness and inconstancy

fried eggplant 62
What does it mean: satisfaction and pride

fried sardines 22
Meaning of the dream: change of ideas

fried eggs 4
Description: self-love

fried meatballs 41
Interpretation of the dream: bitterness for a disappointment

eat croutons 85
Translation: great effort

fried meat 58
Dream description: you will be offended

Fried polenta 77
Meaning: home improvements

rice fritters 47
Translation of the dream: favorable agreements

prepare croutons 13
Interpretation: heavy commitments

fry chicken 5
Sense of the dream: unreasonable obstinacy

seize leek (chives) 64
What does it mean: largest gain in business

fried pizza 17
Meaning of the dream: little ailments

roasted fish 35
Description: easy but dangerous adventure

bake or roast fish 28
Interpretation of the dream: marriage

leeks 6
Translation: an activity will be started very advantageous

Bruschetta 79
Dream description: soon you will relax

roasted beans 66
Meaning: expenses advantageous

roast sausages 29
Translation of the dream: embarrassment in business