Dictionary of Dreams - Numbers, meaning and interpretation of dreams

fresh anchovy

The meaning, interpretation and numbers of your dream: fresh anchovy

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13 fresh anchovy

12 anchovy

13 fishing for anchovy
soon a welcome surprise

61 fresh garlic
cheerfulness unjustified

17 fresh air
prosperity in family

11 fresh butter

61 fresh chestnuts
exceptional news

1 fresh grass
tips to follow

7 fresh beans
lucky business

72 fresh flowers
unforeseen circumstances

20 fresh cheese
just aspirations

59 fresh fruit
suffering constant

44 fresh milk
wellness and health

51 cheeks fresh

52 fresh lard
time lucky

11 fresh walnuts
tenacious rancor

27 fresh bread
skills in business

21 fresh pasta
great satisfaction

57 fresh peppers
intentions swinging

10 fresh fish
wonderful surprise

38 fresh peas
proposals to sift

11 fresh tomatoes
good health

36 fresh plums
solid friendships

78 fresh from prison
meetings welcome

5 fresh sausage
professional envy

7 fresh sardines
unjustified fears

72 fresh cuttlefish
contradictory attitudes

17 fresh tuna
pride and impulsiveness

1 fresh clover
tips to follow

71 fresh eggs
good opportunities

45 fresh wind
availability of money

75 fresh face
surprising conclusions

53 fresh egg
you ll get some good news

22 fresh water

37 crumple fresh grapes

36 things not fresh or sour
small disputes

18 eat fresh cheese

35 fresh broad beans
overcome adversity

7 wash with fresh water
satisfaction and joy

44 fresh ricotta cheese
bad speculations

56 vase with fresh flowers
interesting proposals

75 see many anchovies lives

15 freshwater aquarium
momentary separation

52 barrel with anchovies
fighting spirit

14 see many anchovies
good fortune that you will remember

48 anchorite
happiness in the heart

19 balm (refreshments)

79 see or admire a fresco
some person who knows you're helping in your accommodation

21 tart with anchovies
resourcefulness and optimism

8 fleet anchored
attitudes too resolute

30 freshly ground pepper
gaiety and health

62 pizza with anchovies
talk to neighbors

54 melancholy
happiness in marriage

67 be at anchor
inner rebellion

60 sheltered anchorage
interesting projects

80 take refreshment
exaggerated modesty

53 refreshment a man
exaggerated modesty

4 refreshment woman
desire for freedom

74 an old refreshment
good business

10 refreshment a poor
friendships firm and sincere

29 freshen a painting
intimate needs

48 refreshing wine
inconstancy in bonds

58 barking a fresco
friendships misleading

13 submarine anchor
problems to be solved

87 freshen up
unexpected gift

87 refreshment
unexpected joy

75 anchovies lives
you re afraid of being teased

41 anchovies cooked
deterioration of romantic relationships

3 eat anchovies
sexual desire