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Found a newborn baby girl. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream found a newborn baby girl. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

newborn grandchild 1
Meaning of the dream: confronted with something new

layette for newborn 58
Description: remember you are pregnant or next pregnancy

baby found 28
Interpretation of the dream: apprehension justified

abandoning the newborn 27
Translation: not overshadow all that really matters

fertilize baby 90
Dream description: you need a lot of help

drowned newborn 15
Meaning: repressed projects

buckle found 77
Translation of the dream: positive professional life

things found 21
Interpretation: much money

girl crying 3
Sense of the dream: serious difficulties

necklace found 53
What does it mean: steadfastness of purpose

newborn 69
Meaning of the dream: developing projects

newborn calf 9
Description: nice surprises in love

dog found 52
Interpretation of the dream: jealousy avoided

hat found 85
Translation: difficult relationships

spoon found 45
Dream description: good sense

handkerchief found 83
Meaning: acute pain will be provided

tapestry found 26
Translation of the dream: happy coexistence

pen found 54
Interpretation: religious

bloodhound found 52
Sense of the dream: misunderstandings and delays

bastard found 80
What does it mean: unpleasant news

grab a girl 31
Meaning of the dream: prosperity

baby or toddler 1
Description: desire to have a child

save a girl 2
Interpretation of the dream: issues to be clarified

baby for a woman 52
Translation: You want to become a mother

girl sleeping 32
Dream description: unexpected obstacle

coin found 33
Meaning: successful combination

headphone Baby 7
Translation of the dream: understanding family

gift from a girl 6
Interpretation: contrariness

coat found 15
Sense of the dream: small problems to solve

cross found 47
What does it mean: uncontrolled impulses

plaything of girl 77
Meaning of the dream: happy encounters

basin with baby 62
Description: good omens

girl aged 53
Interpretation of the dream: agitated thoughts

girl studying 23
Translation: beautiful prospects

baby in the family 61
Dream description: beginning of a new period

corsage Baby 13
Meaning: Good news

gem found 76
Translation of the dream: care in old age

little girl on the swing 21
Interpretation: good omens

well found 25
Sense of the dream: ill will

goat found 18
What does it mean: Success in business

Confirmation of a little girl 6
Meaning of the dream: sense of responsibility

capon found 41
Description: diseases avoided

ugly girl 44
Interpretation of the dream: embarrassment of choice

abusing a girl 48
Translation: period of severe emotional stress

woo a girl 78
Dream description: projects to be postponed

a deformed baby 12
Meaning: discovery of intrigue

breastfeed a newborn 28
Translation of the dream: excellent ability of decision

see the birth of baby or child 22
Interpretation: bode well for their business

girl at sea 30
Sense of the dream: physical endurance

little arms newborn 34
What does it mean: unattainable desires

girl playing 15
Meaning of the dream: illusory achievements

girl eating 42
Description: concerns for the future

key found 75
Interpretation of the dream: victory over enemies