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Forget the disabled. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream forget the disabled. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

circumvent a disabled 37
Meaning of the dream: that appearances are deceiving

guardian of a disabled 41
Description: hopes dashed

disabled person 15
Interpretation of the dream: suffered life and positive future

forget 25
Translation: little question to solve

forget an appointment 29
Dream description: inner balance

forget an order 47
Meaning: need of rest

forget a pack 62
Translation of the dream: stagnation in business

forget an object 74
Interpretation: indifference to others

forget an address 28
Sense of the dream: practical spirit

forget about the clock 46
What does it mean: indolence and selfishness

forget ingredients 30
Meaning of the dream: watch out for the unexpected that could harm

forget your umbrella 44
Description: physical fatigue

forget-me (flower) 12
Interpretation of the dream: a faithful friend is thinking of you

forget prudence 85
Translation: be careful not to get involved in a risky business

forget the rest 66
Dream description: satisfaction by a young

forget a date 89
Meaning: love and well-being

myosote (flower forget-me) 12
Translation of the dream: a faithful friend is thinking of you

forge 77
Interpretation: sympathy affected

blacksmith's forge 66
Sense of the dream: wealth

convicted of forgery 4
What does it mean: sick passenger

forger 6
Meaning of the dream: much glory and many gains

forgery of bills 58
Description: offer sage advice

forger of signatures 4
Interpretation of the dream: program changes

forger of paintings 69
Translation: welfare

forger of writings 3
Dream description: watch out for enemies colleagues

judging forger 47
Meaning: loss of friends

imprison a forger 16
Translation of the dream: false

forgetful 27
Interpretation: of tranquility desires