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Forget ring. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream forget ring. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

forget ingredients 30
Meaning of the dream: watch out for the unexpected that could harm

forget the rest 66
Description: satisfaction by a young

forget a date 89
Interpretation of the dream: love and well-being

forget 25
Translation: little question to solve

forget an order 47
Dream description: need of rest

forget an appointment 29
Meaning: inner balance

ring bone 10
Translation of the dream: next advantage

ring broken 58
Interpretation: dangerous decisions in family

forget prudence 85
Sense of the dream: be careful not to get involved in a risky business

ring 10
What does it mean: commitment to a relationship or a successful attempt

lost ring 19
Meaning of the dream: discord in love

keychain ring 6
Description: winning the game

papal ring 33
Interpretation of the dream: solutions to financial issues

look for a ring 13
Translation: love of money

faith ring 21
Dream description: uncertain situation

forget a pack 62
Meaning: stagnation in business

forget an object 74
Translation of the dream: indifference to others

stealing ring 50
Interpretation: failure of proposals

kiss the ring 82
Sense of the dream: return of a forgotten friend

forget an address 28
What does it mean: practical spirit

get a ring 65
Meaning of the dream: failed attempt at reconciliation

ring false nuptial 27
Description: Security and confidence

engage a ring 69
Interpretation of the dream: next win

nuptial ring lost 19
Translation: fate uncertain

pastoral ring 58
Dream description: prosperity

ring ivory 61
Meaning: Lies harmful

bridal ring 22
Translation of the dream: friendships secure and trusted

ring emblem 11
Interpretation: betrayal discovered

nuptial ring with pearls 32
Sense of the dream: health concerns

plastic ring 41
What does it mean: fulfilling life

iron ring 81
Meaning of the dream: inner tranquility

platinum ring 44
Description: discontent passengers

ring with pearl 32
Interpretation of the dream: insult received

nuptial ring with topaz 35
Translation: unannounced visits

nuptial ring with diamonds 7
Dream description: sensitive nature

nuptial ring with rubies 34
Meaning: opposition inevitable

nuptial ring king 30
Translation of the dream: obstacles in the profession

topaz on a ring 8
Interpretation: enthusiasm shared

sapphire on a ring 30
Sense of the dream: intuition wrong

nuptial ring stolen 50
What does it mean: honor, joy

put a ring 66
Meaning of the dream: love relationship

brass ring nuptial 32
Description: romance

forget about the clock 46
Interpretation of the dream: indolence and selfishness

bishop's ring 86
Translation: evilintentioned employees

ring false 29
Dream description: bodes ill

gem ring 41
Meaning: false insights

steel ring 77
Translation of the dream: successful combination

find a ring 25
Interpretation: rapid conclusions

diamond on a ring 67
Sense of the dream: honors

finger with ring 68
What does it mean: windfalls

ring with precious stones 24
Meaning of the dream: protection not required

kissing the ring to the bishop 2
Description: excellent relations