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Forget a notebook. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream forget a notebook. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

striped notebook 50
Meaning of the dream: concerns about an elderly person

to lose a notebook 67
Description: waivers

squared notebook 63
Interpretation of the dream: tenacious stubbornness

notebook scrawled 8
Translation: Good luck in the hunt

rip notebook 81
Dream description: threads for interest

colored notebook 61
Meaning: find difficulties to organize your schedule

white notebook 24
Translation of the dream: unpleasant criticism

used notebook 17
Interpretation: lack of sociability

forget a pack 62
Sense of the dream: stagnation in business

cover of notebook 39
What does it mean: distrust

new notebook 14
Meaning of the dream: firm character

write in a notebook 16
Description: talent and skills

forget an order 47
Interpretation of the dream: need of rest

forget an appointment 29
Translation: inner balance

copy from a notebook 57
Dream description: weak hopes

sheet of notebook 87
Meaning: momentary enthusiasm

forget 25
Translation of the dream: little question to solve

forget ingredients 30
Interpretation: watch out for the unexpected that could harm

forget a date 89
Sense of the dream: love and well-being

notebook page 17
What does it mean: good health and good business

forget prudence 85
Meaning of the dream: be careful not to get involved in a risky business

forget the rest 66
Description: satisfaction by a young

forget an object 74
Interpretation of the dream: indifference to others

forget an address 28
Translation: practical spirit

forget about the clock 46
Dream description: indolence and selfishness

leather notebook 68
Meaning: gratitude and successes

buy notebook 19
Translation of the dream: loyalty and bravery

forget your umbrella 44
Interpretation: physical fatigue

notebook 11
Sense of the dream: you are not of strong character

copybook of accounts 88
What does it mean: fear of tomorrow

myosote (flower forget-me) 12
Meaning of the dream: a faithful friend is thinking of you

forget-me (flower) 12
Description: a faithful friend is thinking of you

new pocketbook 57
Interpretation of the dream: need to defend themselves

luggage forgotten 87
Translation: unbridled ambition

scribbling notebooks 12
Dream description: trouble with kinship

harmonium forgotten 39
Meaning: prosperity

harpsichord forgotten 32
Translation of the dream: too your selfishness

Mandolin forgotten 43
Interpretation: tranquility in the family

Remember to close the mail 34
Sense of the dream: hard times

exercise book 16
What does it mean: you are not of strong character

make a mistake 86
Meaning of the dream: compromises dangerous

book of memories 35
Description: lack of confidence in their abilities

myosotis (flower) 13
Interpretation of the dream: good omen

line exercise book 53
Translation: it pretty rough

pack of notebooks 32
Dream description: sincere affection

a sore for a wound 39
Meaning: new charge of vitality

get a toy as a gift 3
Translation of the dream: happiness

husband of a woman a man 7
Interpretation: you have an opponent in love

receiving a harmonica as a gift 43
Sense of the dream: pleasures make someone

receive a pearl as a gift 17
What does it mean: financial difficulties