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Foreign state. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream foreign state. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

defrauding the state 10
Meaning of the dream: unhappy union

state administration 58
Description: money thwarted

state councilor 21
Interpretation of the dream: close win

form a state 46
Translation: realizations unrealized aspirations

state secret 19
Dream description: freedom of action

conspiracy against the state 4
Meaning: novelty for the job

conspire against the state 64
Translation of the dream: unexpected aid

foreign product 13
Interpretation: dangerous business

foreign correspondent 56
Sense of the dream: possibility of change

state house 22
What does it mean: your friend will deceive

State Archives 84
Meaning of the dream: godsend

State Council 76
Description: joys family

state bar 49
Interpretation of the dream: good intentions

foreign flag 39
Translation: consistency in the actions

state title 3
Dream description: active program

state theater 26
Meaning: concerns ending

state church 52
Translation of the dream: You will fall in love soon

foreign manufacturing 27
Interpretation: You have been negatively revaluing some people

coup d'etat 7
Sense of the dream: discretion and prudence

state law 32
What does it mean: good advice from older

foreign alphabet 27
Meaning of the dream: small woes

Railroad status 43
Description: achieving a goal

embark for foreign 88
Interpretation of the dream: loss rather serious

footwear in poor condition 9
Translation: shame and loss

legs in good condition 1
Dream description: joy, luck, trouble-free journey, success of businesses

State Police Law 33
Meaning: good address, success in love or in a deal any

foreign language 88
Translation of the dream: inconvenience

liberate abroad 28
Interpretation: sense of unease

journalist abroad 58
Sense of the dream: enemy eliminated

state employment 18
What does it mean: You are able to give some continuity to your business

living abroad 61
Meaning of the dream: complex to be overcome

foreign business 36
Description: melancholies

Status coupon 17
Interpretation of the dream: opposition of relatives

budget status 52
Translation: material difficulties

certificate of free status 1
Dream description: momentary discouragement

married with foreign 89
Meaning: excessive intolerance

mastery of a foreign language 15
Translation of the dream: possible trip

speak a foreign language 3
Interpretation: liberation from commitments

country fair 9
Sense of the dream: high hopes

foreign currency 24
What does it mean: you regret the past

overseas 2
Meaning of the dream: broken promises

receive foreign 78
Description: arrival of a friend

foreign garrison 49
Interpretation of the dream: try to be more humble

have genitals in excellent condition 1
Translation: all your relatives will bring good and will purchase new wealth

foreign reporting 12
Dream description: fantastic dreams

foreign bill 59
Meaning: you will have troubles

foreign fleet 40
Translation of the dream: need for diplomacy

foreign grammar 80
Interpretation: thoughtless actions

move abroad 41
Sense of the dream: excellent physical condition

foreign encyclopedia 52
What does it mean: practical intelligence