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Forced cohabitation. Meaning of dream and numbers

The meaning of the dream forced cohabitation. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

forced separation 31
Meaning of the dream: disappointing experience

forced stop 81
Description: prospects achievable

forced pardoned 39
Interpretation of the dream: work-related problems

Forced lock 12
Translation: waste of money

forced sale 59
Dream description: wrongdoing

by forced chain 13
Meaning: meetings with people optimistic

Forced killing 26
Translation of the dream: good relations

forced fasting 83
Interpretation: indecision and insecurity

coexistence 79
Sense of the dream: bickering with a friend

forced oath 18
What does it mean: alarming news

forced contributions 51
Meaning of the dream: goods thwarted

Forced agreed 45
Description: backbiting and bickering

Forced convict 1
Interpretation of the dream: shame, despair

forced 37
Translation: amorous battles

Forced evading 61
Dream description: to prevent honors

forced to resign 8
Meaning: readiness and intuition

ship with forced 50
Translation of the dream: at this time we are missing the leadership

cohabit with relatives 62
Interpretation: new programs

cohabit with strangers 8
Sense of the dream: suspicions

cohabit with friends 85
What does it mean: protections equivocal

cohabit 71
Meaning of the dream: new programs

oblige 6
Description: vanity and pride

forcing to undress 3
Interpretation of the dream: hasty decisions

force a man 54
Translation: lightness actions

force a drawer 83
Dream description: good organization

force an animal 37
Meaning: secret reports

compel to talk 50
Translation of the dream: useless discussions

force a child 38
Interpretation: insights false

force a safe 63
Sense of the dream: attitudes too casual

force you to say yes 64
What does it mean: tendency to vice

compel a person 39
Meaning of the dream: chatter

force a balcony 8
Description: thoughts that disturb your inner peace

concubinage 77
Interpretation of the dream: held favorable

coitus 29
Translation: nervousness and insomnia

strain oil 8
Dream description: sorrows of children

crash landing 2
Meaning: possible trip

sexual intercourse (sex) 83
Translation of the dream: dissatisfaction in your love life

forced labor 87
Interpretation: ties difficult

peddle 76
Sense of the dream: dangerous temptations

force a door 56
What does it mean: fantasy lit

forcing a woman 35
Meaning of the dream: good faith betrayed

forcing a friend 87
Description: cunning and mischief

oblige drinking 61
Interpretation of the dream: reasons for anxiety

oblige to eat 26
Translation: to strengthen ties

oblige silenced 27
Dream description: vanity and pride

oblige to pay 38
Meaning: danger of hostilities

oblige to dress 86
Translation of the dream: mood changes

peddle goods 30
Interpretation: future uncertain

be obliged in a payment 5
Sense of the dream: hasty actions

obey their parents 27
What does it mean: serious feelings and paid

peddle counterfeit coins 58
Meaning of the dream: stop work

aqueduct that collapses 32
Description: revenge on enemies

deal with a businessman 71
Interpretation of the dream: next ailments

clasp 16
Translation: good health