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Football magic. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream football magic. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

magic 89
Meaning of the dream: utilities and gains

do magic 4
Description: You will acquire an unexpected power

woman football 5
Interpretation of the dream: excessive egocentricity

play football 67
Translation: futile efforts

watch the football 81
Dream description: provocation of friends

football in the chest 3
Meaning: bodes ill

football lover 29
Translation of the dream: ingratitude of friends

see magic 31
Interpretation: unconvinced about the ability of a person

soccer 48
Sense of the dream: pent-up aggression that you can not translate into everyday life

football man 88
What does it mean: diseases avoided

Animal football 58
Meaning of the dream: stubbornness dangerous

amateur football 78
Description: a special message has been given to you from the spiritual realm

ball football 18
Interpretation of the dream: projects to be postponed

football league 43
Translation: friendly meetings

magician who does magic 89
Dream description: concerns passing

soccer net 90
Meaning: high hopes

play 5-a-side football 22
Translation of the dream: you only a few people trust

football pool 52
Interpretation: you're too stressed out

rule in football 77
Sense of the dream: vital exuberance

football game 78
What does it mean: many good and successful business to focus in your activities

mark in football 77
Meaning of the dream: prosperity achieved

football federation 74
Description: realizable illusory

tear on your face magic 39
Interpretation of the dream: you will have a disappointment

football season 29
Translation: ingratitude of friends

soccer goalkeeper 35
Dream description: you ll get a modest employment with a great gentleman

football fan 49
Meaning: avarice

football pools win 86
Translation of the dream: sudden change of plans

magic lantern 39
Interpretation: ephemeral joys

fairy with a magic wand 43
Sense of the dream: novelty favorable

Magic wand 12
What does it mean: nobility of mind

magic filter 13
Meaning of the dream: new calls to accept

footballer 82
Description: dangerous adventure

Magic spell 45
Interpretation of the dream: dangerous business

forming an enchantment 45
Translation: boldness and witchcraft

magical art 47
Dream description: infirmity

bewitch or charm 43
Meaning: false hopes, adventurous projects will not give anything positive

calcium receive 42
Translation of the dream: careful not to be enchanted by false promises

calcium chloride 15
Interpretation: difficulties to face

gridiron with cutlet 1
Sense of the dream: success in love

magical 46
What does it mean: unexpected events, surprise

exorcise 51
Meaning of the dream: signal that you have to approach the faith

exorcist 79
Description: novelty to deal

loveliness lover 3
Interpretation of the dream: good professional reputation

cast a spell 18
Translation: you do not have the courage to say in person what you think

To kick 85
Dream description: nastiness from relatives

ball 10
Meaning: time environment provided by the business because you will be in good shape is not rather careless and imprudent

attend a conjuring trick 59
Translation of the dream: your business will go according to your wishes