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Football casts danger. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream football casts danger. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

woman football 5
Meaning of the dream: excessive egocentricity

play football 67
Description: futile efforts

watch the football 81
Interpretation of the dream: provocation of friends

football in the chest 3
Translation: bodes ill

dodge danger 36
Dream description: good health

abhor the danger 11
Meaning: need to modernize your thinking

football lover 29
Translation of the dream: ingratitude of friends

soccer 48
Interpretation: pent-up aggression that you can not translate into everyday life

football man 88
Sense of the dream: diseases avoided

Animal football 58
What does it mean: stubbornness dangerous

amateur football 78
Meaning of the dream: a special message has been given to you from the spiritual realm

perceive a danger 4
Description: lively ambitions

danger 56
Interpretation of the dream: sudden changes

ball football 18
Translation: projects to be postponed

football league 43
Dream description: friendly meetings

overcome the danger 70
Meaning: difficult position

survive a danger 18
Translation of the dream: do not you ever give up

soccer net 90
Interpretation: high hopes

play 5-a-side football 22
Sense of the dream: you only a few people trust

football pool 52
What does it mean: you're too stressed out

rule in football 77
Meaning of the dream: vital exuberance

football game 78
Description: many good and successful business to focus in your activities

mark in football 77
Interpretation of the dream: prosperity achieved

football federation 74
Translation: realizable illusory

report a danger 11
Dream description: solidarity

expose to danger 76
Meaning: excessive voltage

away from danger 21
Translation of the dream: Excessive pedantry

football season 29
Interpretation: ingratitude of friends

avert a danger 71
Sense of the dream: love of order

escape from danger 43
What does it mean: unexpected ways out

aggravation of danger 30
Meaning of the dream: pride punished

sleepwalker in danger 8
Description: intentions and projects

notice of a danger 56
Interpretation of the dream: sudden changes

back face of danger 6
Translation: Decision to be taken

soccer goalkeeper 35
Dream description: you ll get a modest employment with a great gentleman

face a danger 11
Meaning: pride humbled

be out of danger 18
Translation of the dream: fortitude

football fan 49
Interpretation: avarice

football pools win 86
Sense of the dream: sudden change of plans

avoid a hazard 19
What does it mean: return of a loved one

torch which throws 29
Meaning of the dream: sudden sorrows

reassure throws baby 85
Description: money coming

arms in casts 71
Interpretation of the dream: decreased resistance nervosa

footballer 82
Translation: dangerous adventure

cast it 68
Dream description: you will be offended

cast a dancers 50
Meaning: pleasant encounters

calcium receive 42
Translation of the dream: careful not to be enchanted by false promises

situation of distress 44
Interpretation: encouraging results

risk 84
Sense of the dream: insecurity

calcium chloride 15
What does it mean: difficulties to face

gridiron with cutlet 1
Meaning of the dream: success in love