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Fooled shopkeeper. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream fooled shopkeeper. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

shopkeeper prints 74
Meaning of the dream: to clarify misunderstandings

shopkeeper of medicines 59
Description: obstacles to get around

shopkeeper egg 5
Interpretation of the dream: false situation

lucky shopkeeper 55
Translation: change of condition

Leather shopkeeper 88
Dream description: clarification

Iron shopkeeper 32
Meaning: implacable enemy

shopkeeper salt 7
Translation of the dream: await sad days

shopkeeper linen 16
Interpretation: big gain with the work

shopkeeper seed 39
Sense of the dream: do not let yourself turn away from your programs

shopkeeper silk 74
What does it mean: discreet prosperity

shopkeeper charcuterie 2
Meaning of the dream: difficult struggle

shopkeeper beer 77
Description: big gain

shopkeeper bench 2
Interpretation of the dream: heavy responsibilities and obligations

fooled by promises 35
Translation: inconsistency in the actions

shopkeeper tools 21
Dream description: very complex person

shopkeeper of glasses 41
Meaning: winning at cards, small risk for a large profit

be fooled by a businessman 66
Translation of the dream: fight with enemies

shopkeeper oil 36
Interpretation: You do good to your friends

shop keeper 14
Sense of the dream: attention to jealousy

retailer of lace 3
What does it mean: welfare

retailer of perfumes 30
Meaning of the dream: pride and pride

stupid man 68
Description: lack of objectivity

a writing fool 7
Interpretation of the dream: Pulse unreasonable

fool with threats 18
Translation: Fortunately compromised

haberdasher 21
Dream description: intriguing, intrigue, female wealthy

shoe salesman 72
Meaning: gain

retailer card 27
Translation of the dream: discreet comfort

haberdasher street 22
Interpretation: lack of fit

the haberdasher's shop 28
Sense of the dream: you could benefit from a person you know

make a fool of 66
What does it mean: bitterness for a disappointment

muddler 84
Meaning of the dream: creates more order in your life

fool Brother 40
Description: serious altercations in family

play the fool 88
Interpretation of the dream: decreased concentration

mocked a fool 76
Translation: dangerous actions

duped 86
Dream description: you are losing control of your life

fool friends 34
Meaning: vanity exaggerated

making fools of themselves 89
Translation of the dream: understanding fruitful

drug dealer 37
Interpretation: restlessness

duped girlfriend 15
Sense of the dream: displeasure family

duped friend 75
What does it mean: rivalry nearby

duped her husband 72
Meaning of the dream: slander

deceived in love 18
Description: disputes

stupid 19
Interpretation of the dream: loss of privileges

be dumb 66
Translation: hard times

built 24
Dream description: intemperance harmful

an act silly 57
Meaning: urgent business to solve

do the grocer 5
Translation of the dream: good business

deaf and dumb 11
Interpretation: misunderstandings

to trick 70
Sense of the dream: boredom and loneliness

a man uncivilized 18
What does it mean: new working relationships

be uncivilized 83
Meaning of the dream: difficulty fellowship

made Lord 2
Description: Successes and personal satisfaction

buffoon cheerful 36
Interpretation of the dream: loss of privileges

mute gestures 67
Translation: Hidden Danger